10 Best Romantic Movies That You Should Not Miss On Netflix UK

10 Best Romantic Movies That You Should Not Miss On Netflix UK main

Romance is every heart’s desire, and this is the main reason romantic movies are such a hit with the audience. From a simple story to heart touching plot, romantic movies can make your heart beat faster and make you wish to find the love of your life.

As Netflix is ruling over the streaming arena, there is no shortage of exciting content. Some of the best movies on Netflix UK are based on romance.

Here are our picks of the must-watch romantic movies so you can enjoy your fill of love.

A Star is Born

Jackson Maine is a seasoned musician who fell in love with Ally and her art. After years of struggle, she gave up her dream to be a singer. Jackson tries hard to get her back to the music and spotlight.

Soon, she starts getting the appreciation she deserves, and her relationship starts felling apart. Jackson is debating with his internal demons, and the couple is trying to save their relationship.

10 Best Romantic Movies That You Should Not Miss On Netflix UK posterTo All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

The series is sweet and touching as it explores the feelings of young love. A teenager wrote love letters to five boys she was crushing over. As she could not express her feeling, she wrote the letter and promised herself never to post them.

Her younger sister posted them to make her social life better, and suddenly, all hell broke loose.

Notting Hill

William is a bookstore owner, and his life changes when a famous actress visits his shop. The first meeting was enough to know that there is a possibility of a relationship.

As their relation gets serious, they try to deal with their personalities and career choices.

Crazy Rich Asians

A woman falls in love with a seemingly simple man. So, when he asked her to accompany him to a wedding in Singapore, she happily agreed. However, when she starts the journey, she gets to know that her boyfriend and his family are filthy rich.

Not knowing how to deal with this turn of events, she tiptoed around the family and tried to bond with Nick’s mother, but disaster was only a step away.

Friends With Benefits

A talent hunter and an editor met and became best of friends. So, when the editor is offered a job in New York, he accepts and starts a new life.

As their partners recently dumped the new BFFs, they agreed to have sex with each other without feeling embarrassed or falling in love.

As the relation blossoms, they have to face the fact that they are more than friends with benefit.

Isn’t It Romantic

Natalie is an architect who does not believe in love. She is working hard to get noticed in the office, but her efforts are useless. One night, while riding the subway, a thug tries to mug her. In an attempt to escape, she fell and lost consciousness.

This is where the story becomes interesting. When Natalie wakes up, everything seems prettier, she has better clothes and a bigger apartment, and interestingly every man starts noticing her.

Always Be My Maybe

Sasha and Marcus are childhood friends who haven’t exchanged a single word in the past 15 years. Yet, although they met after so many years, the spark of love and emotion is still there. But, as they belong to different worlds now, how will they manage these new feelings.

10 Best Romantic Movies That You Should Not Miss On Netflix UK la la land

La La Land

Mia and Sebastian came together because of their passion, but their relationship starts suffering as they see success coming near. La La Land asks will they manage their confusing emotion or lose everything they have dreamt of achieving?

Set It Up

The movie revolves around workaholic bosses and their secretaries. The secretaries and fed up with the degrading attitude and demanding behaviour of their bosses.

They plan to make their bosses fall in love so they can also enjoy their personal life. The plan seems successful, and the bosses are planning to get married when the secretaries start doubting each other’s intentions.

A United Kingdom

In A United Kingdom Prince Seretse Khama is returning to his country, where he will become a king now that his studies are complete. He falls in love with Ruth and marries her. As he brings his new white bride home from South London, all hell breaks loose.


Our picks of the best romantic movies will help you fall in love again. If you are already blessed with a soulmate, you can enjoy these pieces with them and enjoy the feeling of being in love.

If you are searching for the love of your life, these movies can help you find the way by sharing some amazing tips.

Get lost in the world of emotion and enjoy our selection to your heart’s content.


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