How Strong is the Link Between Tech Usage and Younger People’s Attitude to Gambling?

How Strong is the Link Between Tech Usage and Younger People’s Attitude to Gambling main

When it comes to things that different generations have different attitudes about, gambling is just one of them. As we grow up in different times, with access to different influences it stands to reason that the way we think and feel about different habits and hobbies will vary. Gambling is often a tricky subject as people often have their own gambling experience stories to tell – either really positive ones, or ones where people have had a negative gambling experience. Much like things such as drinking alcohol or travelling the world this is likely to shape how they feel about the subject and what their thoughts might be on partaking in them.

Thoughts on Gambling

Regardless of their generation, people will have their own personal opinions on gambling. This includes whether gambling should be allowed, how it should be restricted and whether they want to take part in any sort of gambling. On top of this, there will be different thoughts and feelings on how people wish to take part in gambling, even coming down to whether they want to take part in online gambling or prefer to visit a physical venue.

In general, the younger generation is much more open to online gambling, as a recent YouGov survey showed. There are various reasons why this might be the case, but being a generation that has grown up with social media and 24/7 internet access will certainly help. Older people have had the experience of a time where online shopping and internet banking weren’t even thought of – whereas the younger generation would never consider a time where they might not have been able to use the internet on the move – or even if someone else in the house was on the phone.

With younger people having such accessibility to evolving technology they are much more open to things being online and this includes gambling. If they’re gaming online, sharing social media posts and even studying remotely it doesn’t seem like such a massive leap to do gambling online too!

How Do Younger People Feel About Gambling?

In the past, in order to take part in any sort of gambling, you would have needed to visit a physical casino or bookmaker. This meant that placing a bet would have felt more like an event that you needed to get ready for, which for many people made it something inaccessible. Younger people have grown up with the possibility of being able to gamble at their fingertips – and during any time of the day that they want. This means that placing a sports bet or having a go on a slot game doesn’t feel like a big deal at all. Instead, it simply means opening up one of the many apps they probably already have on their smart device and getting started.

How Strong is the Link Between Tech Usage and Younger People’s Attitude to Gambling mobile

Overall, 63% of people aged 18-24 say that they are happy to talk about gambling with their peers. This is, 17% above the global average. This is great news because when gambling is seen as something not to be hidden, it makes it much easier for those that are having an issue with it to talk about it. When something such as gambling feels like a taboo subject, people are likely to try and hide any problems they are experiencing with it – which is most definitely something that anyone within the gambling industry that operates a Gamble Responsibly policy will want to avoid.

What Does the Younger Generation Expect from the Gambling Industry?

One thing that the survey showed was that the younger generation tends to pick online gambling games that have some level of skill needed to part rather than leaving their chances of winning down to chance. This means that in general, things like online card games or sports betting are more popular amongst the younger generation than things like slot machines and online lotteries. When compared to people over 35 that played the lottery, the number of 18-24-year-olds that played was less than half.

The internet being available on smartphones and other on-the-go devices means that the younger generation have grown up with instant access to services and information. This means that they are unlikely to want to wait for a casino to be open at a certain time or for games online to become available. Instead, much like an instant messaging service, there is an expectation that what they want to do will be available exactly when they want to do it.

Gone are the days where people expect to wait 3-5 working days for a financial transaction to take place. Instant withdrawals are becoming the norm as technology advances and the fintech space becomes more competitive. This means that when the younger generation are lucky enough to have a sports bet or card game win, they want reassurance that they are going to have instant access to their prize money. Any casino that isn’t able to offer instant withdrawals are unlikely to be very popular with people aged 18-24.

Younger people are used to changes in technology and are able to embrace change much more than those who are slightly older and not used to things moving at such a fast pace. However, this does mean that they have higher expectations – this means they want new games, better jackpots and a casino that embraces the technology that is available to them.

The future of the gambling industry is likely going to rely on the younger generation and as such it’s essential that it keeps up with what this generation’s demands are and ensures that it offers a service that caters to this. YouGov surveys like this are a great way to keep in touch with what people are thinking and feeling, which is the best way to ensure that as an industry you are doing everything you can to ensure that you are keeping your customers happy. This keeps them coming back for more, which is something every business strives for.


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