An Interview With Cameron Murphy, Irish Online Casino Expert

An Interview With Cameron Murphy, Irish Online Casino Expert

‘Outstanding’, ‘passionate’, ‘dedicated’. These are just some of the attributes he gets from his coworkers and beyond. And no wonder – when education in English Writing and Literature comes together with iGaming it surely is predestined to end up with outstanding results. Especially when it comes to Cameron Murphy, an online casino expert on the IrishLuck gambling portal.

After his shy beginnings, but very fast, he became a refreshing and fruitful addition to the IrishLuck team and is now one of their pure gems. Luckily, we had that chance to hear his story.

So, Cameron, tell us how did you start?
Oh, that really is a long and funny story. I’ll try to keep it simple. I’ve always been active, curious, and had a lot of hobbies, but my love for some things kept on persisting. And that’s my country – Ireland, English Language, online casinos and gambling. So, after graduating from English Language and Literature at Brunnel University in London, I mashed them all together, and – here I am! Writing about the things I love with IrishLuck teammates, the best crew I could possibly find.

“The best crew I could possibly find.”

Being a part of the IrishLuck team, what are your main liabilities?
Well… Whatever you need. Hah… Joking.

Okay, so, I do a lot of things. First, I make sure all the latest news from the industry are covered. I really obliged myself to know everything about the industry, the tiniest parts and details of iGaming, and all the latest trends, topics, ideas, events, and occurrences. I could say I’m obsessed. I really love my job. If you need a guy for the latest industry gossip, I’m the one. It keeps my inspiration going. Therefore, I can churn out many good articles that players of all levels can understand and relate to – and with a poetic touch, like a cherry on the cake.

I also broadcast the articles and the content from the IrishLuck website, and I am making sure Dermot’s short-hand content and acronyms are put in fine order.

“I really love my job”

Oh yes… I can see the sparks in your eyes. Tell me, what’s your secret?
What can I say? Naturally, I’ve always loved writing, so to be part of a project like allows me to write about the things I love most; Ireland, iGaming affairs, and online casinos. I particularly enjoy keeping our visitors up to date and ahead of the curve with all the latest industry advances, as I partly mentioned.

Also, I am making time to attend as many iGaming conferences as I can. Last year I went to SiGMA World’s Gaming Festival 2021 in Malta, and it was really a life-changing experience. Many great people, and a lot of knowledge gained. These things help me broaden my knowledge and steal advice or two from the biggest names out there. And the best part comes when I sit down with my teammates and work out the details.

Aside from your job, do you have any other activities that lift your spirits and boost your inspiration?
Oh, yeah, baby! Yes, I have… I love cricket. Full stop. I just love it. I love to watch it, bet on it, I love playing it, and when I play I am a mean, score-oriented batsman. A very bad guy on the field.

Besides this, I also love go-karting, traveling, and mountain climbing. I recently set my mind on Everest. As John Maxwell said, “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” That’s my next stop.

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”

Oh my, what a spirit, that’s quite an adventure… Hit us up with photos once you get there!
Sure will! That will be one of those life-changing experiences. Just imagine standing out there at the elevation of 8000m… Man… I got chills just at the idea of climbing it.

In the end, what would you like your readers to take away from this interview?
Taking into account at what rate gaming providers are improving the experience for the players, I am really excited to be a part of the IrishLuck crew and I hope I’ll pass this feeling on to my readers as well.


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