Best British Charities To Donate To And Why They Need Your Help

Best British Charities To Donate To And Why They Need Your Help

When the war in Ukraine broke out earlier this year, the British public quickly recognised the need to provide assistance to the Ukrainian people. Throughout the crisis, we’ve read in British and European media about the British government’s commitment to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, David Kezerashvilis’ donation to fund a humanitarian operation from the United States to Ukraine, and the British Red Cross’ assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

Despite the massive support from such operations, the sad truth is that it is not nearly enough. Charity organizations in the United Kingdom require more assistance, and every donation counts. When considering which British charities to donate to and understanding why they need help, it is essential to review their charity audited accounts to provide transparency and insights into how your donations are being utilized to support their important missions.

Below is a list of organizations, their leaders, and how you can assist them in continuing to provide aid to Ukrainian civilians.

Community First Yorkshire

Community First Yorkshire provides advocacy for rural communities and parish councils in North, South, and West Yorkshire. North Yorkshire County Council also collaborates with volunteer and community-based organizations, as well as social enterprises, to offer relief and equitable services to rural communities. As the humanitarian crisis between Russia and Ukraine continues, more and more families and communities in Ukraine are being uprooted. Community First Yorkshire, led by Mark Hopley, the head of Community Support and Volunteering, has devised several ways to assist the displaced Ukrainian citizens. However, they require all the assistance they can muster as the number of refugees continues to increase. Individuals, charities, community groups, and businesses who want to help refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can become sponsors through the government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine‘ scheme. You can also donate directly on the website of Community First Yorkshire, which has launched multiple initiatives to help Ukrainians with housing, education, employment, and so much more.

CARE International

Since the beginning of the conflict, CARE International has been proactive in supporting Ukraine, with a particular focus on vulnerable Ukrainian communities. The nonprofit organization was founded during WWII to provide aid to war-torn Europe, but its scope of operation expanded after the war. Currently, the organization has a significant presence in Ukraine’s border countries, providing immediate assistance to vulnerable refugee groups, particularly the elderly and women-headed households. Some of the outstanding work in Ukraine includes training over 500 Romanian volunteer psychologists to counsel traumatized refugees and collaborating with numerous women’s rights organizations to protect women and girls as the fighting continues. Donors can donate to CARE International UK through the official website or directly volunteer by contacting the CARE International headquarters in the UK.

Best British Charities To Donate To And Why They Need Your Help uk

The Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s national office has been collaborating with similar interest groups to assist those affected by the Ukraine crisis. The nonprofit organization majors in building habitats for low-income populations or persons affected by conflict. According to their CEO Jonathan Reckford, the UK government and people should do more to help refugees in neighboring nations by giving displaced Ukrainians food and shelter and by delivering basic necessities like mattresses and heaters to those residing near the Ukrainian border.

The organization reports that many Ukrainian families will be without gas and electricity as the ongoing conflict destroys infrastructure. Habitat for Humanity welcomes donations and volunteers willing to help keep families warm this winter. Donors who wish to contribute can do so directly through the Habitat For Humanity website.

Disasters Emergency Committee

The Disasters Emergency Committee is a coalition of charities that collaborate to raise funds in a timely and efficient manner during times of crisis abroad. People in life-or-death situations require the prompt assistance of humanitarian responders to save lives and rebuild. The collaboration with the UK government’s emergency response team is critical in coordinating the public’s response to the crisis in Ukraine to raise awareness of the actual situation.

Since the beginning of the conflict, approximately 25% of Ukrainians have fled their homes. Well-wishers’ contributions have made a big difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Thousands of people in need receive shelter, food, healthcare, psychological support, and financial aid through DEC. The organization is still working to meet the needs of more affected people by continuing to provide relevant and helpful services. They are asking donors who want to help to donate through its website.

Final Thoughts

These organizations only constitute a small list of active donor groups anyone in the UK can easily access. Many more are operational and urgently need your support. To pinpoint the legitimate charities deserving of your contribution, check if they are registered with the regulators of charities in the UK. Even a small contribution to these causes would go a long way toward improving the lives of those facing adversity as the war in Ukraine rages on.


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