His & Hers Walking Essentials for Summer 2024

His & Hers Walking Essentials for Summer 2024

By Alex and Steve Crabtree

Well, summer is here – and whether the weather is kind or no-so-kind to us here in England can be anybody’s guess.

We love walking and hiking.  It’s how we got together. We often take ourselves off for a few miles locally in the Calder Valley, West Yorkshire – or we go further afield.  North Yorkshire, the Lake District, the Cotswolds…we love getting our mileage in, and we try and follow one important rule: Dress for the walk, not for the weather.

But, that said, the weather can play its part in how you need to gear up.  So we’ve put together a short list of recommended walking essentials for your hikes in Yorkshire and beyond this summer time…

His and Hers Walking EssentialsOn your feet…

Men’s Keen Zionic Waterproof shoe
keenfootwear.co.uk – £150

Steve says: “I’ve owned Keek walking footwear before, and I’m a huge fan. Their reliability, comfort, grip and durability are excellent, and my last pair lasted me a good three years and still had some life in them.  For this May, I’ve gone for another pair of Keek shoes, the Zionic Waterproof hiking shoe in black. Tried and tested on muddy wood paths and semi-dry riverside walks – these give you a true spring in your step, and true to their name – they keep the water out.   They’re light, they look simple, and as for grip – they do a great job in the wet and the dry.”

Women’s Keen Versacore Waterproof Shoe
keenfootwear.co.uk – £120.00

Alex says: “I wanted something lighter and brighter on my feet for the spring-summer time, and although I’ve been happy with conventional walking shoes, I liked the look of the Keen Versacore shoes.  Resembling a pair of trainers, they are tougher than the pair you pop in your gym bag, but they’re soft on the feet.  Like Steve said, the spring you get in these shoes is noticeable when you walk, and that can only be good for your feet, and minimise aches and pains when you get your miles in.  Colourwise, I wasn’t immediately enthused by the Rose Brown and Tangerine, however, when I put them on with my walking gear they really looked the part.

His and Hers Walking Essentials

The outer layers…


Cotton Traders Mens Padded Gilet
cottontraders.co.uk – £50.00

Steve Says: On those slightly warmer days, when there’s a risk of working up a sweat, I like to go for short sleeves.  So, the Cotton Traders padded gilet is a great piece of outerwear that looks and feels nice, and with a Polyester Faux Suede Back, its feel is changed up slightly to allow for a more fashionable look when required.  Its pockets are deep, and it has plenty of them – so walking and hiking in these lets you store all your essential belongings right where you need them.

Tog 24 Bowston Mens Jacket
tog24.com – £119.00

Steve says: “Me and orange clothing have never really got on.  But looking at my other outer layers, they’re all dark blue or black – and when I see other people wearing brighter colours when they’re out on a walk I tend to like how nicely they stand out.  When I put this Tangerine jacket on it looked great.  It’s a nice fit too – giving me enough room to wear a thick layer under it if I wanted but not loose enough that if I wear a thinner layer it’s too baggy. It’s made from high-quality polyester material and it’lll stand its fair share of hikes. With its taped seams, a special water-repellent coating and a waterproof zip this jacket will keep you dry when the summer showers kick in.

Sherpa NIMA 2.5 Layer Jacket
sherpaadventuregear.com – £150

Alex says: “Again, summer in the UK isn’t always dreams and sunshine.  Those rainy walks are still enjoyable though, and having the best waterproof for those summer showers is essential.  The look and feel of this jacket is perfect. It’s very light, and the material has a certain feel that reinforces its quality. It’s a great fit; it gives full protection from the downpours (no wet patches on the base layers at all), and I like the simple look of it too. I like it because it’s a fuss-free, but essential walking companion on the not-so-fine days!”

His and Hers Walking Essentials

Base Layers, Pants and Socks

Cotton Traders Long Sleeve Crew Base Layer
cottontraders.co.uk – £15.00

Alex says: “Plain and simple, but if it’s comfortable – then that’s how I like it!  A base layer is a base layer.  You don’t want too much fuss when it comes to this part of your walking attire, but I have to say that the quality and fit of this one is great.  I hadn’t really thought of Cotton Traders for base layers before, but when I got this I was really pleased. Its fit gives you room to breathe but isn’t loose. Made from pure cotton, giving you the stretch you need and at an insanely good price – I’ll be back for more of these this summer – that’s for sure!

Sherpa Bara Cargo Shorts
sherpaadventuregear.com – £80.00

Steve says: “These are perhaps my favourite bit of new walking kit for the spring to summer season. Like all my chosen walkwear, these shorts are light, but with a very good quality feel, and they stretch nicely too.  A fitted look, they’re so comfortable that I could wear them on a daily basis, hiking or not. Not just for the walking essentials wardrobe! Deep pockets, and deeper pockets down the side of the pants – I really like them.  The shorts button up on the waist, and there’s a tie to keep them secure too.”

1000 Mile Reprieve socks
1000mile.co.uk – £18.50

Alex says: “These double-lined socks are very, very comfy.  I wouldn’t choose them for the hotter days, but I’m a big fan of them in the cooler ones.  You can feel the padding around the foot as soon as you put them on, and they act like a glove for the foot. Walking in these is comfortable, and they give you protection against blisters too.  As an added bonus, these are great for walking around the house after you’ve taken your walking boots off!”

Steve says: “I like 1000Mile socks, and when they’re made from recycled materials (primarily plastic bottles) there’s a double benefit to wearing them.  As Alex has mentioned, they’re good for the cooler days and very snug on the feet. I think you’d need a cooler, thinner walking sock in hot sunshine, but you feel a big difference wearing these.”

His and Hers Walking Essentials

Walking Essentials Accessories

Tozo S3 Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

Alex said: “As a rule, I track my steps on my phone when I walk, and I’ve never been a watch wearer.  But, this watch is a great addition to the walking gear and I wonder why I’ve never had one before. The Tozo S3 is a great value-for-money fitness tracker and monitors my heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It also records daily steps, distance and calories burned.

Panda Optics – Multi-Sport Glacier Eyewear
pandaoptics.co.uk – £109.00

Steve said: “It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, I prefer to wear some form of eyewear when I’m walking.  On sunny or non-sunny days, the sun, the breeze, the open air, the rain or a combo of all of that can leave you squinty. At my age, I want to squint as little as possible!  The Panda specs are brilliant. They’re lightweight but sturdy. They wrap around and have interchangeable lenses – meaning I can protect my eyes from sun, wind, and rain, and still wear them if my walk or hike takes me into the evening.  I think they’d be a good option for a cyclist too”

His and Hers Walking Essentials

And these shouldn’t be an afterthought…

Love Corn
amazon.co.uk – £18.99 (for 24 bags)

Alex says: “Mid-walk snacks need to be light, but also need to fill a gap to give you that boost of energy that you need.  Love Corn’s crunch corn snacks, and all their flavours, are fantastic.  They come in pocket-sized bags but contain more pieces than you think. They’ve come in very handy on our local walks around Calderdale. They’re packed with flavour, with me enjoying the salted version, and Steve enjoying the Sweet BBQ bag. You can buy the multipack, or find them in singulars at Sainsbury’s and Ocado for just £3.00.

1000mile Recycled Runners Water Bottle – (from £5.00)
1000mile.co.uk – from £5.00

Steve said: “Despite these technically being a runner’s water bottle, I prefer this style of water bottle on my walks because they’re easier to hold. Solid and simple, I choose to go with this brand because of the random nature of the colour and pattern is from the recycled input plastic, making each bottle unique. Therefore, the colour of each varies randomly so no two bottles are the same.

BPM Blister plasters
1000mile.co.uk – £5.00

Lastly, and despite our best efforts, the best footwear and the most protective socks – sometimes our feet just do a little too much and those dreaded blisters appear. So, these are part and parcel of anyone’s vital walking essentials kit! It’s important to get those blister plasters in your backpack, just in case. Also available from 1000mile, they’re a godsend when you need them.

So, whether it’s wind, rain or glorious sunshine – get those miles in this summer. Yorkshire and the rest of the UK have so many stunning areas to explore, and getting your walk on is always great for the body, and great for the mind. And it’s even better when you’ve got your summer walking essentials to rely on too.


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