The Best Energy Saving Gadgets For 2020

Best Energy Saving Gadgets For 2020 main

In 2020, every one of us must consider how we use energy. Therefore, one of our goals for this year should be the use of energy-saving gadgets for the home. Not only with these gadgets offer the chance to sustain the future of our planet, but it also allows us to save money. Our energy bills are likely one of the most expensive things to come out of our accounts – this is one way you can seek to control your budget.

Here we guide you through some of the best ways to save money off your gas and electricity bill.

Standby buster!

Do you have a smart meter that tells you that you have taken half your budget while you slept? The likely answer is your devices that are all sitting on standby. The little red light on your TV, the flashing light on your laptop and all the phones plugged in charging for hours on end – all these are the reason for your depressing glance at the smart meter.

You can overcome some this money flying out your pocket with the help of a Standby Buster. With a single press of a button, you can switch off all devices sat on standby. The product comes in at about £20, with three sockets and a single remote. If you have more devices than this, then you can buy additional outlets.

Smart thermostat

If you are going to have anything “smart” in your home, make it your thermostat. Your phone and television might offer you some nifty features, but your thermostat connected to your phone or laptop could help you control the heating from a distance. You may have forgotten to turn the heat off as you left the house. Alternatively, you don’t want to return to a freezing house at the end of the day. Either way, you can change the temperature of your home remotely.


This gadget is one of our favourites. Not only can you save money on your energy, but you can power your devices away from a mains supply. That got your interest, right? Well, the Freeloader gadget collects the solar power coming from the sun and turns this to energy for your phone, iPad, laptop, wireless headphones, etc. Apparently, it can charge your iPhone for 18 hours. It can also give you access to power while you are camping or on a train journey in a faraway land.

Best Energy Saving Gadgets For 2020 kettle

Eco Kettle

The Eco Kettle is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. The kettle saves energy by moving only the required amount of water to a separate chamber. The energy taken to boil the water is thought to 31% less than a standard kettle. Even though the cost of the kettle will seem quite high, remember the money you will be saving each time you make a cuppa.

Heat Keeper Radiator Insulation Panels

The insulation panel will easily install behind your existing panel. The panel reflects the heat back into the room, preventing it from getting sucked into the walls. It is as simple as that – but it can save you significant amounts of money. You can buy five panels for just over £20, with three being enough for an average radiator. The claim for these panels is impressive – the manufacturer says it will save you 30% on your energy bills. Do the maths: how long will it take you to earn your money back?

Aladdin Auto Vent Automatic Radiator Bleeder

Air can build up in your radiators, which will stop your heating working efficiently. The best way to make sure your radiators work is to remove this air. You would usually use a radiator key. However, the Aladdin Auto Vent Automatic Radiator Bleeder is a nifty and highly affordable little device. It will regularly and automatically bleed your radiator. More efficient heating systems will take less money to power.

PUR Bluetooth Ultimate Faucet Filtration System

You should always try to drink water. How about a gadget that reminds you to get your allocation of water – and it tells you to stop your taps running. If your faucet drips, then you will get a notification to tighten the tap. The filtration unit not only removes 70 contaminants from your drinking water, but it will also stop you from wasting money down the drain.

Small steps make a big difference

It may be that none of these devices alone can save the Earth – or a significant amount of money in your account. However, each step you take to save money will add up and make a big difference.


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