Family vs. Work – 10 Top Tips for Working Parents

10 top tips for working parents main

Building a career whilst looking after children is no easy feat, so here are 10 top tips for working parents.

1. Divide and conquer

If you’ve got a partner, lighten your load by dividing parental responsibilities between the two of you. Alternatively, if you’re a single parent, don’t be afraid to turn to family and friends for support with duties such as childcare.

2. Get ahead of the game

If you’re fed up of frantic mornings where you’re rushing to get ready for work and prepare your children for school, get ahead of the game and start doing some of your morning jobs such as preparing breakfast, lunch and clothes the night before.

3. Ask about flexible working

Work hours and school hours rarely match up, so if you’re struggling, consider asking about flexible working. Make sure you really sell your request, for example, by explaining how changing your hours will help boost your productivity and morale.

4. Use the internet

The internet can be your best friend when you’re a working parent with little time to spare. You can use it to do grocery shopping, browse products and pays bills, all without having to step foot out of your home or office.

5. Take care of yourself

When you’re busy working for the man and looking after your children, don’t forget about your own needs. Eating healthy, staying active and getting the right amount of sleep will help ensure that you’re fit and ready to meet the demands of work and family life.

10 top tips for working parents internet

6. Prepare meals in advance

Pre-cooking your meals for the week ahead and freezing them or doing little bits of prep each night such as chopping vegetables or preparing sauces will help minimise the time spent slaving away in the kitchen after a long day of work and leave you with more time to spend with your kids.

7. Set boundaries

Create a clear separation between your work and home life. This means no checking emails or spending large portions of your evening doing extra work. Also, leave family problems at home and minimise the number of personal calls you make at work, so you can focus fully on the job at hand.

8. Hire a tutor

It’s hard enough finding the time to keep abreast of developments in your own field of work, let alone the entire national curriculum. So if you think your child could benefit from some additional support with their studies, consider hiring a tutor from a tutoring agency such as Teachers To Your Home.

9. Have a regular family night

Dedicate one evening a week to doing something fun as a family. This doesn’t have to involve anything special, it could be something as simple as playing a board game or grabbing some nibbles and watching a film.

10. Don’t strive for perfection

Don’t waste your time and energy on striving for perfection. Life is unpredictable, so if you don’t have time to cook meals from scratch every day, keep your house looking pristine or attend an out of hours work function, it’s okay – you’re only human.

That’s our list! Share your thoughts and tips in the comments section.


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