Christmas Present Ideas for Dads that Love Football

Christmas Present Ideas for Dads that Love Football

Figuring out what to buy your friends and family for Christmas can often be arduous. But if your dad is a football fan, there are plenty of ideas that will bring out their inner child this festive season.

We’ve pulled together a range of ideas across multiple price ranges, from cheap everyday essentials to full-on experiences they’ll never forget.

Check out the options below and discover the perfect gift for your dad.

Book or magazine

As the world’s most popular sport, football is the subject of plenty of incredible stories told in print.

Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson tells the history of tactics and is great for fans with analytical minds. For those more interested in supporter culture, James Montague’s 1312 is a thrilling look at the dark underworld of how ultras go about following their team.

If a magazine is more to your father’s taste, try FourFourTwo, Mundial or Glory. The latter is particularly enjoyable for lovers of photography and design.

A tour of their team’s stadium

Many fans visit their team’s stadium on a regular basis, but most of the time they’ll simply see the public concourse and the stand they sit in.

But you can grant them behind-the-scenes access to one of their favourite places with a stadium tour. Major clubs will regularly run these, but you may need to get in touch to arrange something special if they follow a smaller club.

They’ll get to see the dressing room and sit in their favourite player’s seat, take a walk at pitch level and maybe visit a VIP box. The guide could even impart some facts they’ll love repeating to their mates.

Christmas Present Ideas for Dads that Love Football shirt

Football shirt

If they do not support a team that’s not local, you could instead buy them the club’s latest shirt.

Many teams will sell two versions of each shirt – one that is a direct copy of what the players would wear and another that’s designed for fans.

The main difference is in the fit, with the jerseys designed for players often being a bit tighter and more tailored. Any design differences are often subtle.

Mug or pint glass

If you’re trying to be a bit thriftier this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with the classic gift of a mug or a pint glass.

Whether you go for something official from their favourite club’s online shop or decide to go down the personalised route, you’re bound to find something they’ll love.

Purchase some speciality coffee beans, tea bags or beers to go with your selection and they’ll no doubt be ready to kick back and relax when dinner is done with!


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