How To Build A Log Cabin

How To Build A Log Cabin main

Almost anyone can build a lovely log cabin. To get started, you will need a reputable log cabin kit, a detailed instruction manual from the manufacturer, watch a few assembly videos of the same, and understand customer support, and you are ready to go.

Steps To Building A Log Cabin Kit

Discussed below are a few tips and tricks on how to build the ideal log cabin yourself.

1. Proper timing: Proper timing is key to building the perfect log cabin. The current weather condition, and time, will determine if it is time to start the project. The state of the ground will also determine if the project will be possible at that time of the year.

2. Gather the necessary tools: Consider gathering all the essential tools that will be required for the build ahead of time. Some of the tools you need to have ready include pipe clamps, high-speed drills, a wire cutter, utility knife, tape measure, ladders, caulk gun, circular saw, drill bits, chalk line, spade bits, and framing squares.

3. Familiarize yourself with the components: This should be the first thing you do once the log cabin kit arrives. It is by familiarising yourself with the components that you will have an idea of what goes where.

4. Have additional tarps or plastic ready to cover the building materials.

5. Ensure the flooring is a few inches above the ground and other weather elements. This will help prevent shrinking and swelling of the materials, especially the floorboards.

How To Build A Log Cabin

6. Place the logs around the cabin in the correct order and the position they should go.

7. Check to see if the foundation and skids are square and level. Be sure to repeat this as you go and before installing the door.

8. Ensure the log course is sitting perfectly on the log under it. Consider using a small ledge hammer or 3 lb hammer for the 80D nails.

9. Run electric wires first before installing the flooring. Ask a certified electrician to help running the cables.

10. Don’t pull the electrical wire as you go, but instead pull as much wire as needed from the floor to get to the electrical box

11. Consider using a long bar clamp to help pull the walls together. This is especially crucial if the cabin will have several doors and windows, increasing the risk of log walls fanning out of control.

12. Measure the height of the metal doors before cutting them out. You want to do this before nailing the logs into position.

13. Move the large and bulky items (sinks, tubs, etc.) into the cabin before the walls can be completed.

14. Keep the floors as clean and dry as possible. This will eliminate the need to clean it up after the install. It may require sanding immediately after the installation is done.

15. Pilot drill trim for finish nails and screws.

If all of this is too much then why not check these garden log cabins and get someone else to do the heavy lifting.


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