How Travellers Can Feel Happy and Occupy Themselves in Downtime

How Travellers Can Feel Happy and Occupy Themselves in Downtime main

Packing your bags and heading off into the Great Outdoors – whether that’s in the UK or overseas – is a dream so many of us have had.

And while shedding off your cares and worries for an extended period of solo globetrotting can be good for the soul and your wellbeing, it’s fair to say that there are some things that are out of your control. So although we hope for long, warm days stretching out to a blue horizon, sometimes the situation might not always be quite so sunny.

The weather, the vagaries of travel, hanging around in airports and train stations, accommodation that doesn’t quite hit the mark – not to mention the perils of the tourist traps – can all make a vacation seem more like a chore (even if that’s just temporary).

With this in mind we’ve come up with 5 ideas to keep the frustrated traveller occupied and happy – and to ensure the irritating parts of travel are bearable until you finally get to soak up the good time rays…

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Loading up your favourite tracks on whatever device or streaming platform you use is, no doubt, an obvious thing for eager travellers to do – but it’s good to remember some of the practicalities. How are you charging your device and have you got mobile charging capacity if needed? Do you need a locally-compatible adaptor in order to recharge your device when the opportunity arises? Have you downloaded tracks to your device instead of constantly streaming them? After all, who knows when Wi-Fi will be available? There are plenty of considerations more music lovers on the road – and forward planning is definitely the key.


Wherever you are going, the internet is your companion. Source of information, reminder of home, connection to loved-ones and, of course, your one-stop shop for online entertainment. So whether you’re playing blackjack in Bombay or looking for Casino Sites in New Zealand the internet will make those long hours spent waiting for connections – or simply waiting for the rain to stop – all the more bearable and perhaps even enjoyable. All of which means make sure your equipment is travel-ready and chargeable.


Whatever your situation, it’s unlikely you’ll simply be able to up sticks and disappear for a few months without taking care of a few at home responsibilities. Making sure someone you trust has your contact details (phone number, email address) and, if needed, the key to your home is basic – but there may be other considerations like checking your bank balance to ensure direct debits keep going through to simple things like cancelling the milk delivery. Everyone’s situation is different, but happy travelling begins with peace of mind.

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A key rule for travellers, unfortunately, is still this: don’t rely on there being a Wi-Fi connection. And even if there is one, don’t expect it to be reliable and don’t presume it is safe. One way to combat this is to absolutely stock up on downloadable content before your trip. All those films you’ve never seen but always promised you would, all those albums that are on your radar but you’ve still not got round to listening to, not to mention the latest episodes of your favourite podcasts – now is the time to stop streaming and get them downloaded to your device. That way, they are yours to watch or listen to whenever the time is right.


Whilst immersing yourself in online worlds is a sure fire time-passer, it’s smart not to forget more simple pleasures. There’s still nothing quite as immersive as a good book – and if making friends, having a chat and passing the time with a game of cards might appeal, remember to slip a pack into your inside pocket. We might be keeping things simple and travelling light, but a few physical items are great conversation starters – and nothing passes the time better than a good old chit-chat.

Wherever you are venturing out – whether going to the big city or the country – one thing is certain: To have a truly relaxed and memorable time you need to take care of a few things before you go – and good forward planning will make the rest go swimmingly.


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