Cost-Effective Methods to Impress Potential Buyers

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Presenting the best version of your home when selling is imperative to closing a deal. You need to display your home’s best features, while depersonalising and decluttering.

Every seller wishes to sell their home as quickly as possible, especially if they have their eye on their next home. The best way to get your home ready for a sale and impress potential buyers is to stage your home – an art designed to show off your home in its best possible light. This way you’ll be able to influence potential buyers favourably towards the idea of making your house their home.

With the property market being as competitive as it is, it’s important to make sure your home is its best possible condition. Here are a few cost-effective methods to help impress potential buyers:

  1. Improve areas inside and outside of the home

Remember it’s not only the inside of the home that potential buyers are looking at – all areas of the property contribute to a successful sale. The exterior is the first part which a potential buyer sees, so tidy walkways and clean the windows. Do a simple check in and around the home and make the necessary repairs or touch-ups you’ve been neglecting.

  1. Eliminate excess clutter

Any excess clutter lying around should be removed. This can include items that you wouldn’t consider taking with you to your new home. Consider donating some of your personal belongings that you no longer need, or have duplicates of.

  1. Make your home shine

After eliminating excess clutter, you are now in a position to clean all areas of your home. Wipe down all surfaces, vacuum the floors, clean the windows and make your home shine. The presence of your home is important to the buyer as they can tell how well it has been cared for.

  1. Depersonalise

Potential buyers want to visualise the space as their own. Giving them a blank space enables a person to visualise their own items in a room. Remove all personal items such as photographs and try not to leave anything lying around.

  1. Make use of self storage

An easy and affordable way to store your belongings out of your home is to rent a self storage unit – every home shows better with less furniture. Self storage facilities offer flexibility, convenience and security. Make sure to find a trusted and reputable self storage facility which is well-located. Most of these facilities are accessible 24/7 and also offer a variety of different unit sizes.

Putting these tried and tested cost-effective methods to work could help speed up that sale.


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