How Much Compensation For Car Accident Claims?

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Accidents are unexpected events that happen at any phase of life. Being injured in a car accident can be a distressing and life transforming experience not just for those who have been injured, but also for their family members and loved ones.

If you have been injured in an accident and you weren’t at fault then you could be eligible to make a car accident compensation claim for your injuries. There are many good examples of personal injury practice areas, as well as personal injury claims.

What Types Of Car Accident Injuries Can I Claim For?

Car accidents cause several different types of injuries from minor or severe. Below are the types of car accident injuries you can claim for:

• Life changing injury
• Serious injury
• Head & brain injury
• Broken bone and fractures
• Neck injury
• Back injury
• Leg injury
• Hip injury
• Knee injury
• Groin injury
• Whiplash injury
• Elbow injury
• Ankle injury
• Arm injury
• Hand injury
• Foot injury

Who Can Claim For Car Accident Compensation?

You don’t have to be the driver of a vehicle in order to make a successful compensation claim, you can also gain compensation for accident related injuries if you were a:

• Passenger,
• Driver,
• Pedestrian,
• Riding a motorcycle, or
• Riding a bicycle

If a child has been involved in an accident then their guardian/parent can make a claim on their behalf and act as a “Litigation Friend”.

Typical Compensation Amounts For Car Accident Injuries:

Face Injury
• Mild – £1,360 – £23,980 – These amounts cover minor scarring
• Moderate to Severe – £1,850 – £36,310 – Simple to multiple fractures and breaking of the facial area, e.g. the nose
• Extremely Severe – £14,320 – £77,580 –Severe facial disfigurement and scarring

Eye Injury
• Mild – £1,760 – £6,960 – Pain in an eye, vision problems or temporary loss of vision in an eye
• Moderate to Severe – £7,270 – £43,710 – This range of compensation amount is awarded to the individual with restricted vision in an eye or loss of sight in one eye
• Extremely Severe – £43,710 – £214,210 – Loss of sight in one eye and some loss in the other, or an individual with loss of sight in both the eyes

Ear Injury
• Mild – Up to £36,310 – This range of compensation is awarded for hearing loss in one and/or both ears and for those suffering with tinnitus because of the injury or the work environment
• Moderate to Severe – £24,950 – £36,310 – Complete hearing loss in one of the ears. The final compensation amount will depend on how the hearing loss impacts on the victim’s life.
• Extremely Severe – £72,320 – £87,410 – Complete loss of hearing because of any injury

Head Injury
• Mild – £1,760 – £10,180 – Head injuries which have caused very minimal brain damage but the head injury might still have lasting effects
• Moderate – £34,300 – £174,620 –An Individual’s memory may be affected with a reduced ability to work and in more severe cases where there is no chance of being able to work, change in personality or high risk of epilepsy
• Moderately Severe – £174,620 – £224,800 – Entirely disabled due to brain damage, loss of sensation in the limbs, change in personality and/or a mental incapacity
• Extremely Severe – £224,800 – £322,060 – Sufferers who are unresponsive due to severe brain damage

Neck Injury
• Mild – Up to £ 6,290 – Whiplash type injuries, depending upon the time of recovery and degree of severity
• Moderate to Severe – £6,290 – £30,690 – Neck fractures, causing pain, stiffness while moving and inability in moving the neck completely
• Extremely Severe – £36,240 – £118,240 – Very severe neck injuries, causing movement problems to other parts of the body as well

Shoulder Injury
• Mild – Up to £6,290 – Damage to soft tissue that would recover roughly within an year
• Moderate – £6,290 – £10,180 – Neck tissue damage that might last for a considerable length of time restricting the movement in the victim’s arm and elbow
• Severe – £10,180 – £38,280 – Paralysis, limb numbness, restriction in movement

Arm Injury
• Less Severe – £5,280 – £31,220 – Individuals who have experienced a restriction in movement and/or disability in the arms but there is a substantial recovery
• Severe – £31,220 – £104,370 – For major disability and restriction in movement present in one and/or both arms and causes significant pain and suffering
• Extremely Severe – £76,650 – £239,140 – This compensation amount includes the amputation of a complete arm or both arms, or an arm that is amputated partially

How Much Compensation For Car Accident Claims injury

Elbow Injury
• Mild – Up to – £10,040 – An injury to the elbow that causes pain but total movement is not restricted
• Less Severe – £12,480 – £25,510 – Restriction in movement of the arm as a result of the injury to the elbow but no significant disability
• Extremely Severe – £31,220 – £43,710 – Restriction in elbow movement that has caused a disability and requires surgery

Hand Injury
• Mild – £730 – £3,460 – Minor soft tissue damage, penetration wounds, crush injuries with recovery time of 6 months or less
• Moderate to Severe – £4,640 – £10,580 – Crush injuries to the hand, penetrating wounds, and deep lacerations
• Extremely Severe – £11,520 – £160,600 – Amputation of one or both hands

Wrist Injury
• Mild to Severe – £2,810 – £47,720 – This compensation amount covers a wide range of wrist injuries, from simple wrist fractures to injuries that have resulted in a complete loss of movement and functions

Back Injury
• Mild – Up to £9,970 – For minor back injuries such as strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, disc slip and muscle pain. Factors such as recovery time and treatment would also be considered while evaluating the compensation amount
• Moderate – £9,970 – £30,910 – This range of compensation amounts cover a wide range of back injuries such as compression of the lumbar vertebrae, ligament or soft tissue damage, any constant pain and/or discomfort
• Severe – £30,910 – £128,320 – Severe injury to the upper/ lower back, possibly causing paralysis or any other relating problems to organs in the lower parts of the body

Knee Injury
• Moderate – Up to £20,880 – Minor disability because of the knee injury, damage to the muscle, cartilage, soft tissue, that causes pain and suffering
• Severe – £20,880 – £76,690 – Disability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damage

Leg Injury
• Less Severe – Up to £22,130 – From soft tissue damage to a simple leg fracture
• Moderate to Severe – £22,130 – £76,730 – Injuries to the leg which have caused restrictions in movement and disability that might have a lifelong impact
• Extremely Severe – £78,100 – £224,800 – Amputation of one or both legs. The compensation range also takes into consideration should the leg have been amputated below or above the knee

Ankle Injury
• Mild – Up to £10,960 – Mild ankle injuries such as ankle fractures, ankle sprains. Factors considered would be the amount of recovery, scarring, aching etc.
• Moderate to Severe – £10,960 – £39.910 – Fractures, treatment, disability are some of the factors that will be considered while evaluating the amount of compensation
• Extremely Severe – £39,910 – £55,560 – The most severe ankle injuries that may cause deformity, degeneration of joints, and amputation

Toe Injury
• Mild to Severe – Up to £44,710 – compensation can vary depending on which toes are damaged and whether walking is impaired etc.

Foot Injury
• Mild – Up to £10,960 – Mild injury to a foot that will recover
• Moderate to Severe – £10,960 – £55,830 – Severe injury to one or both foot/feet that causes restriction, fractures or disability to the foot/feet
• Extremely Severe – £66,930 – £160,600 – Amputation of one or both feet and the impact of injury on the surfer’s life

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For Car Accident?

Each case assessed is different and has its own unique circumstances; therefore, there is no fixed compensation amount set.

Accidents can involve multiple parties, cause different injuries and have short or long standing effects on the victim’s life.

What Will I Be Compensated For?

Each claim is different from another; therefore, compensation amounts vary from case to case and depend upon your individual circumstances.

However, claims compensation calculator can provide you a rough estimate of how much you can claim for your losses and suffering. Best personal injury solicitors always strive to get you the maximum amount of compensation for not just your injuries but your additional expenses, including:

• Loss of earnings
• Future loss of earnings
• Employability, if your capacity has changed and you now have a lack of future job opportunities
• Any support or care you have received
• Travelling expenses
• Medication bills
• Medical treatment/rehabilitation/medical care
• Adaptations made to your home or vehicle

Unsure What You Are Entitled To?

If you are unsure about what you are entitled to, contact Direct Solicitors today, our legal experts are on hand to assist you and set your claim up in one simple and quick call.

Our solicitors can advise on a wide range of injuries from pains and aches caused by a car accident to fatal accidents. Give us a call today on 08000 250 250 and start your claim with us.


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