Removing Unwanted Sealants and Other Life Saving Tips

Removing Unwanted Sealants and Other Life Saving Tips main

Although most of us in the West lead pretty safe lives, there is still the possibility of emergencies cropping up, or at the very least something happening that makes us say ‘oh no!’

When things occur of this nature, it is important to have on hand a means of resolving the emergency so we can get on with our lives. The following products should help you in most situations.

A Fully Charged Mobile Phone

If you need to call for help, shouting will not get you very far, although this shouldn’t be ruled out in some situations. Your trusty mobile, will, however, expand your communication range to more or less anywhere on the globe. It doesn’t have to be life and death. It can be a call asking for medical advice or the recipe for shortbread. It doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that your phone is charged and ready to rock and roll.

This can be an issue when out and about. So ensure you have portable chargers and the like to keep your phone fully charged.

Sealant Remover

With a massive increase in DIY over the last five years in the UK, having a decent sealant remover is essential. Just as essential as having a good sealant. This becomes especially true if you have just installed a bathroom suite and have found some nasty yellow glue all over your new beautiful tiles.

Fear not, however, as the easy way to remove sealant is to use a good sealant remover. It breaks down the sealant allowing you to brush it off. It isn’t just tiles where this can be a lifesaver, you can use it to remove sealant which has been over applied on any surface.

Removing Unwanted Sealants and Other Life Saving Tips cans

Tinned Food

Tinned food isn’t exactly appealing but having a well-stocked cupboard full of beans and canned tomatoes can be a lifesaver. Often, when cooking, you need to add a little something extra to bring the meal to life, or simply to provide a missing nutritional value. Tinned food or canned food, can be that little extra something that adds magic to your meal.

Also, if you can’t get to the shops to stock up, having that tin of something can get you out of a hole.

A Torch

There can be no denying how valuable a torch is. It isn’t just useful when the lights go out, but it is helpful to illuminate dark, tight spaces where you may need to work, and indeed if you’re out in the countryside late at night, say coming back from the pub or walking the dog.

Where it can be equally valuable is in your car. You need to look in the boot or under the bonnet late at night, a torch will light your way. It will also save your phone’s battery power.

First Aid Kits

Needs no explanation really, but having a first aid kit can get you out of a bad situation. Ensure it is well stocked with the essentials; bandages, plasters, pain killers, antiseptic cream and the like.


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