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By Kirsty Reid

Few things beat soaking up the sun with a burger in one hand and a G&T in the other. But after a long shift in the office, the last thing I wanted to do was fire up the grill. Cue Honest Burgers.

A quick peek on their socials feeds my desire to visit – image after image of tantalising burgers, stacked high and smothered in cheese leaves my tummy rumbling. And, with a name like ‘Honest’, surely these Instagram-worthy patties must taste as good as they look…

Starting out in a tent, serving at parties and festivals, Honest Burgers now boasts 41 restaurants across the country. And with the recently opened Leeds joint just a 30-minute drive from my home, my partner and I decide to pay it a visit.

Featuring metal lights, wooden panelling and bold colours, the trendy eatery is the perfect fusion of rustic and industrial. At the heart of the restaurant sits a wooden bar with ample seating, while the open kitchen towards the rear offers a glimpse into how Honest’s culinary delights come together.

honest burgers leeds review exterior

“Beef patties are served medium”

Opting for a table by the window (so we can people-watch), we turned our attention to the flow-chart-style menu. And it soon becomes clear that Honest Burgers does exactly what it says on the tin – it sells burgers, nothing more and nothing less. I’m disappointed to learn dessert is not an option, but I’m here for the meat so I persevere.

Though the menu features mainly beef, there are a few chicken and veggie choices, too, along with a decent selection of sides.

Locally sourced products account for most of the menu, and the company are honest about how they can do more to be sustainable – an attitude I applaud.

Upon ordering, our server is quick to inform us that the beef patties are served medium (pink), unless otherwise requested. The thought of pink meat makes me feel queasy, but as I choose the chicken pesto burger (£12.50) this isn’t an issue anyway.

honest burgers leeds review fries

“Unusual flavour”

The juicy grilled chicken breast is served in a pillowy soft brioche bun with basil pesto, mustard mayo, tomato and rocket. All burgers come with rosemary-salted chips, seasonal coleslaw or dressed green salad. I opt for the standard burger-and-chips combo and I’m not disappointed. It’s clear a lot of thought has gone into the flavour and it goes down a treat.

Kyle settles on the chilli burger (£13) and is more than happy to have it as it comes (pink). He devours the succulent patty, which he says was served ‘perfectly’ medium. Complemented by smoky bacon, chilli cheese, hot sauce, shoestring fries, red onion, lettuce and jalapeños, this might not be the best burger he’s ever had, but it certainly makes the top five.

I’m a ketchup girl when it comes to chips, but Kyle orders a side of cheesy bacon gravy (£3.50) to accompany his main and I can’t help but dunk a few fries. Featuring dairy cheese curds for a DIY poutine, it’s an unusual flavour – smoky yet tangy, somehow. Several chip-dunks later and I’m still undecided as to whether I like it. Kyle, on the other hand, is won over by the creamy sauce.

honest burgers leeds review

“Keep things simple”

Topped with shoestring fries, the buffalo chicken wings (£6.50) were a decent portion size and made for a good sharer. The ranch mayo is the perfect pairing for the spicy wings, toning down the fiery kick just the right amount.

My meal is washed down with an Honest G&T (£6). Inspired by their in-house pickle recipe, the simple, yet elegant, tipple is served with a ribbon of cucumber and hits the spot nicely! Kyle has a sip, but is content with his refreshing glass of homemade lemonade (£3).

Though I do love dessert, its absence isn’t missed. Honest Burgers keep things simple, and why not? They’re experts in what they do – providing good quality, ‘honest’ grub. If fuss-free food is what you’re after, this is the place to go.

Honest Burgers, Unit 2, Cloth Hall Street, Leeds LS1 2HD

Opening Hours:
Mon-Wed: 11:30-22:00
Thurs-Sat: 11:30-22:30
Sun: 11:30-22:00

0113 5185485


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