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At the moment, there’s not a lot of new innovation, and we’re always on the lookout for whatever’s up and coming next. We’ve found a firm favourite in biltong, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. After all, what’s better than a tried and tested recipe that you can take anywhere and everywhere, perfected over hundreds of years, until we have the perfect product for today. You’ll thank us later!

What Is It?

Biltong is a form of dried meat, cured using a process that finds its roots in ancient times. It originated in Southern African countries – South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia – and is made from beef or game that’s cut carefully into pieces then dried and spiced with amazing flavours.

Now, we know that importing something from such a long way has a distinct air mile impact, and how important it is to support British businesses at this time especially. Well, good news! There are some amazing biltong companies right here in the UK, like M-EAT, who provide a subscription service for biltong. So you can enjoy your biltong knowing it’s ethical and an all-round good thing.

Who’s It For?

The best thing about biltong is the way that it’s so universal. Honestly (if you’re a meat eater of course!), it’s for anybody and everybody. Being the ideal snack, at home or on the go, it’s a really good choice for anybody and it fits seamlessly into any lifestyle.

For those who love to enjoy their food, it’s a delicious snack you’ll always want to have on hand, but if you’re dieting, focused on fitness or a health nut, you’re also in good hands here. It’s actually incredibly good for you and brimming with health benefits, it’s the perfect all-rounder that doesn’t limit anybody, and absolutely pleases everybody.

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What Makes It So Great?

Beef biltong is similar to beef jerky in some ways, but it’s growing in terms of new brands that offer a variation of flavours. It’s always been there, of course, but recently, some clever brands have brought to light just what we’ve been missing.

Biltong is hung and air dried, whereas jerky is cooked on a rack, and as a result, biltong is softer and deliciously more flavourful. Biltong offers the same concept we love, but without that difficult dry texture, and also tends to be made from better cuts of meat, which means you end up with a more quality product.

The different cuts and flavours on the market make it a versatile snack with diverse options too – the amazing, and sometimes particularly innovative, spicing options offer incredible flavours that cater to any palate. There are varying degrees of spice, and a range of flavour profiles to choose from, which means doubtlessly, there’s something for everyone.

What’s more, it’s quick and easy, as well as totally enjoyable. It really is for everyone as it fits into lunchboxes for the kids, a handbag to take to the office for a snack, or perfectly into a gym bag for an ideal post work-out snack.

Gym goers and people interested in fitness understand they need protein to help repair their body after a workout. Luckily, one of the key values of biltong is its incredibly high protein value. Due to the way it is created, it has all the benefits of classic protein sources like meat, just with the more practical and delicious benefits on top. Protein helps your body enhance recovery by decreasing the muscle protein breakdown and increasing the muscle protein synthesis. In short, faster healing, less damage and more growth.

The benefits don’t stop there! Biltong is incredibly rich in iron and sodium, and also contains magnesium and potassium, and is a wonderful source of B12, which is essential for healthy blood and nerve cells as well as successful cell replication. These are things that many people are actually naturally deficient in, so it’s a wonderful natural solution. It’s low in carbs and fat, and has a huge amount of protein – in actual fact, a 28g serving contains 1g of carbs, 2g of fat, and 16g of protein – perfect for leaving the gym. This makes it especially good for a keto diet, but naturally that means it fits ideally into any other diet too. The high B12 content is ideal because it is essential for healthy blood and nerve cells, as well as successful cell replication.

Yet more good news? Biltong is a great replacement for those older methods of getting your protein, like pricey protein shakes or dusty protein bars. You don’t have to do anything with biltong, you just take out the bag, which comes in consumption quantities, and you get the perfect low fat, high protein solution, and most importantly, you get to love every mouthful.


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