Sustainable Yorkshire Pie Maker launches new Seasonal Game Pie

Sustainable Yorkshire Pie Maker launches new Seasonal Game Pie

As the much-anticipated game season begins, Yorkshire Handmade Pies, which crafts proper pies using the best sustainable Yorkshire ingredients, has launched its limited edition Game Pie – a sumptuous combination of delicious succulent seasonal game, cooked with smoked bacon and mushrooms in a rich redcurrant gravy. All encased in light and crispy pastry.

The Game Pie is perfect for autumnal feasts and festive meals. Serve with seasonal vegetables, steamed broccoli or pan-fried greens and, a delicious buttery mash for a cosy autumnal night in.

The Game Pie uses the best British game sourced from the rolling moors, dales and estates of Yorkshire. This includes in-season venison, pheasant and partridge, supplied by Yorkshire-based HFV Parkland and Wild, who provide some of the best game in the country.

HFV is a British Game Assured producer, which means they are bound by the highest welfare standards, in line with Yorkshire Handmade Pie’s strong ethos on sustainability and provenance.

“Pure comfort food”

Launched in 1990 by Yorkshireman, Nigel Sampson. The farm is currently working towards organic status. Nigel Sampson is HFV Parkland and Wild founder. He told us: “Game has shrugged off its claret and tweed image and has become very popular as a healthier, lower fat alternative that’s naturally high in omega 3 fatty acids. Game pie is pure comfort food, rich and filling.”

There are references to game pie dating all the way back to Roman times. Then, game pies were a delicacy that included wild birds and animals such as partridge, pheasant, deer and hare. The award-winning Yorkshire Handmade ‘proper’ pie maker uses the best quality local ingredients at the heart of its pies. Yorkshire Handmade Pies champions a true ‘tail to nose’ philosophy.

James Sturdy is founder and MD of Yorkshire Handmade Pies. He said: “Game makes a brilliant treat for a family meal. We source our meat from the best game in the country, who are British Game Alliance Assured, demonstrating the highest quality that fits in with our ethos on sustainability, traceability and welfare.”

The Game Pie is available to buy directly online from Yorkshire Handmade Pies. It can also be bought as part of a box of six x 250g pies for £33. Free delivery is available on every order of 2 boxes or more.


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