#FunFacts – 8 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Doughnuts!

8 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Doughnuts main

Thanks to the beer-bellied cops in movies, Doughnuts have become one of the most delectable and iconic dessert-cum-snack options all over the world. Everything from the shape to the smell to flavours is irresistible, right? Doughnuts have become an international sensation and also have made their way to breakfast items in many countries. Now that we have got you drooling by now, why don’t we get you in on some fun facts about doughnuts that you probably were not aware of?

Here, we will take you a tad bit back in history. Let’s delve right into it!

1. Doughnuts – Originally referred to as “Oily Cakes”

They were first introduced as fried dough and from there on, a few countries would serve these treats that were deep-fried. Owing to the fact that doughnuts were deep-fried, they earned the reputation of Oily Cakes.

2. Spelling Time: Doughnuts or Donuts?

The jury is out on the etymology behind the word. They are probably out to grab! You know what – Whatever might be the name, the taste does not vary as per the name of the treat. So go on and munch along.

3. A sailor invented the shape

As the story goes, a lady named Elizabeth Gregory tried some culinary experimentation when her family was out on a voyage. It was her who got the idea of frying the dough with nuts, leading to the name doughnut. But guess what – it was her son who made the hole in the centre, giving it the iconic shape. The young sailor was said to have skewered the doughnut through a spoke on the ship’s wheel to keep the doughnut in one place during the voyage.

4. Modern-day doughnut – Traces back to World War I

We all owe our guilty pleasures to a man named Adolf Levitt, who is supposed to be the inventor of the doughnut machine. This invention led to doughnut production from local bakeries to large scale production facilities that eventually led to a worldwide boom in doughnut consumption. A particular army got a wind of this new sensation and decided to use doughnut as part of their campaign for soldiers fighting in WW I.

8 Things We Bet You Didn't Know About Doughnuts donut

5. They can get very pricey

This might surprise you – The most expensive doughnut by far in the world was sold for more than $ 1,000. Turns out that it was a 23-carat, gilded doughnut which was filled with Dom Perignon and then sprinkled with edible diamonds. Maybe they’re right – Doughnuts are forever!

6. They can also be quite a mouthful

The biggest doughnut ever made was with jelly, weighing at 1.7 tons and measuring 1 foot tall.

7. Cops’ fondness for doughnuts is VERY REAL!

Back in the ’50s, police officers would stop by doughnut stores to satiate their midnight hunger cravings. Eventually, a relationship developed between the doughnut owners and the cops. The doughnut shop owners required paperwork to be done to operate till late. The doughnut-thirsty cops struck a deal to protect their interest by giving protection to the doughnut owners with a doughnut as a bribe in return and the legend just grew from here on. Remember, the next time you are pulled over by cops for breaking a traffic rule, keep some doughnuts handy.

8. The Hit Food of the Century!

Doughnuts were once declared a leading magazine as the “Hit Food of the Century”. It was because they were fresh and the machines that were automated made them very quickly and also turned out to be a cheap snack. Doughnuts checked everything on cheat sheets to become a people’s favourite within no time!


Grab a doughnut and enjoy a guilt trip on the little history tour that we have given you, doughnuts are known for their quick deliveries. Check out doughnut delivery in the UK on National Doughnut Day, you might just get a couple of free doughnuts. Although, there is an added risk of being hunted down by the cops!


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