Buying a Second Hand Car – Always a Smart Choice!

Buying a Second Hand Car – Always a Smart Choice main

The idea of buying a brand new car always appeals to everyone’s sensibility and if you have tons of money saved up just for your car budget, then why not go for it. But the harsh reality is that most of us find saving up for a car an expense that is difficult to bear. Above all in today’s times when things are uncertain and when it is not only a good rather a great idea to save as much as we can, going for a pre-loved car is definitely a much smarter option. If that wasn’t enough to jiggle your mind then know this, that a brand new car’s price immediately falls by 20% as soon as you drive it off the showroom porch. As agonizing as it sounds, it’s true and is one of the main reasons why people go for used cars. Below, we have listed our top 4 reasons that will definitely help you see why we prefer the pre-loved option better.

Better Value for Money

As mentioned above, the loss in value is not just the problem. The thing is buying a second hand car will get you a better car for the same amount of money. Say, if your plan was to buy a new 3-door hatchback, then you can probably afford a prestigious saloon or even an SUV on the used car market. In short, buying a used car will probably mean you can upgrade to a better model and a better make. Else, if you choose to go for the same model and make then you get to save up some money that you can use later.


As the car ages, it starts to lose its value which is what depreciation is. Once you buy a brand new car and register it with the DVLA, you can straight away wipe off a couple of thousands of pounds from its worth. Of course the second hand cars depreciate as well but the effect is almost negligible as compared to the brand new ones.

Buying a Second Hand Car – Always a Smart Choice nissan

Environment Friendly

Buying second hand, not just cars but anything is our contribution to the planet that we live in. The more times a car can be used and then re-used, the better it is for our exhaustible natural resources that go into the manufacturing of these cars plus saves up the environment from a lot of fumes from these manufacturing facilities.

Lower Sales Tax

One definitely pays sales tax on whatever purchase they make but very similar to depreciation the sales tax on used cars is a considerable amount less as compared to the brand new ones.
Yes, buying your “OLD-NEW Car” makes much more sense when you analyse closely. Also, a pro tip here is that when you buy second-hand, go for a car dealership instead of an individual seller mainly for two reasons; one, they offer genuine pre-inspected cars that offer greater buyer protection and two, they offer easy instalment based payment options that can be very budget-friendly. One such credible car dealership is KAP Motors. Every used car sold under their brand name goes through a rigorous pre-inspection criterion. You can book a fully inspected used Nissan car online from KAP Motors and get it delivered at your door-step. You can either order your car online or visit their showroom for a free test-drive first.


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