What you Should Keep in Mind Before Going on a Road Trip with Toddlers

What you Should Keep in Mind Before Going on a Road Trip with Toddlers main

When your family expands to include children, you may feel like trips and vacations are a thing of the past. It can be hard enough juggling with looking after young children when at home that to do it when away, in an unfamiliar environment, will appear herculean. You may be feeling tired just thinking about it. However, it would be a mistake to leave your children behind and set on the road without them. Travelling together is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bond as a family,and it’ll provide your children with educational experiences they simply cannot get at home. So with that in mind, let’s look at some steps you can take to make sure you don’t compromise on either relaxation or your baby’s safety during your next trip.

Set an itinerary

Road trips can be more challenging to achieve successfully with very young children. While with regular trips, you go to your hotel room after being on the road for a long time, road trips involve a significant amount of time spent in the car and visiting different landmarks along the way. A long-distance journey inside a vehicle can make toddlers restless, irritable, and prone to crying and tantrums. And when your children are like that, you aren’t in much of a vacation mood yourself. But don’t despair. It’s not impossible to have a harmonious ride.

Before you hit the road, plan your itinerary in detail and keep your kids a priority in your mind when devising it. For example, consider starting off early in the morning. This way, you make it more likely that your kids will sleep some more as you travel. After all, the car can act as a large baby rocker and leave your little ones snoozing in no time. Sleeping well also helps them behave better, but try not to have your stops coincide with their nap times. You’ll have to deal with grumpy kids for the rest of the day, and that can be a downer on any trip.

Stock up on snacks

Everybody loves to snack, and toddlers are no exception. So don’t leave home without refreshments. When you pack your food, you ensure that you have all your child’s favourites close at hand. You are in better control of the ingredients, which is particularly important if your child has food allergies or intolerances. Homemade food is also generally healthier than store-bought options. If you’ve run out of ideas for what to prepare, go for wholegrain crackers, cheese, nut butter, sandwiches, soft granola bars, mixed berry muffins, or dinner leftovers that can all be packed as mini, nutritious meals. Fresh fruit and veggies are always good if you know your toddler isn’t a picky eater.

Get car-friendly activities

Children get bored quickly, so you should have some attention-grabbing activities prepared so you can keep them busy during the extended car ride. You can download apps on your phone or tablet, as there are many fun ones out there. This also helps you save up space as you don’t have to worry about carrying many books in your luggage. If your kids respond well to animated films and music, make sure they have access to those. However, if you’re worried that your little ones may be getting too much screen time, please bring along items such as crafts, books and washable crayons. Road trip bingos are a great idea, and you can even come up with ideas on your own, such as making children count how many cars in a particular colour they see, the classic “I spy with my little eye”. You can stimulate your toddlers’ creativity with the hypothetical game, asking questions like “If you could turn into an animal, which one would it be?”

What you Should Keep in Mind Before Going on a Road Trip with Toddlers

Choose a car seat

The most important thing to consider before leaving is ensuring your child travels in utmost safety and comfort. In order to achieve this, buy a car seat from a trusted manufacturer with a tradition for high-quality products. You can take your pick from a variety of options. The most important feature is the easy-in harness. Fastening your child correctly in their seat is paramount for their security, particularly in case of an accident. The ClimaFlow technology helps regulate the toddler’s body temperature. And many come equipped to accommodate your baby’s growth spurts.

If you want to guarantee the best protection possible and the highest safety for the child during trips, pick Maxi-Cosi to put your apprehension at ease. This seat is built to the highest safety standard and a perfect fit for children aged between 15 months to 12 years old. The material used is flexible yet secure to get both comfort and security in one package. It fits effortlessly into most cars and comes with four different recline positions. This is the ultimate car seat to choose.

Take frequent breaks

It was already mentioned, you know it too, but it’s worth saying again: children get bored. It’s completely unrealistic to expect to complete a long car ride in one go with kids in tow. Children become uncomfortable and fidgety after staying in a place for too long, so it’s best to take frequent breaks to let them move around and use some of that pent up energy.
This won’t only make children happier, but the whole family can benefit by doing sightseeing, visiting a museum, or simply taking a walk around during this time. Every single break, no matter how short (you can take micro-breaks just to stretch your legs and get some fresh air), makes for a more relaxing time on the road.

Be ready for emergencies

You’ve prepared everything, andare confident that you are fully equipped for anything that may come your way. But the unexpected can sneak up on you. The most important thing is not to panic. You should have an emergency kit ready with medicine in the event your toddler comes down with a fever or suffers from motion sickness. Make sure to bring many changes of clothes and a thicker hoodie or jacket even if you’re travelling in the summer.

There are many things to keep in mind before travelling with young children. But with a little careful planning, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy the time spent together to the max.


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