The Car Trends That Will Shape 2022

Car Trends That Will Shape 2022 motoring

Every year there are a number of trends that shape the auto industry. These trends emerge due to vari-ous factors, including new models reaching the market, consumer trends, economic factors and tech-nological developments among other factors. Of course, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the auto industry since the start of 2020 and this will extend into 2022. This means that 2022 will be another unique and challenging year for the auto industry and there are a few clear trends that will emerge over the course of the year. So, what are the biggest car trends for 2022?

Continued Rise Of EV Market

The EV market will continue to grow and an increasing number of motorists will make the switch to electric. New car sales have plummeted during COVID-19, but electric car sales have risen, which goes to show that this is the future. Consumers are becoming much greener and switching to an electric car is one of the best ways an individual can reduce their impact, plus the financial benefits will be appealing (particularly during rising fuel costs).


Driverless cars remain some way off, but there will be further progress in 2022. In 2021, progress was made with laws changing so that drivers can take their hands off the wheel on designated sections of the road when driving a car with ALKS. This will become more common in 2022 and greater strides will be made in technology to make driverless vehicles one step closer.

Car Trends That Will Shape 2022

Online Used Car Showrooms

One way that COVID-19 has forced the auto industry to modernize is by making used car showrooms virtual. The auto industry has been behind the times in this regard, but now used car dealerships like Xways garage Halstead have embraced the modern era with the ability to browse and buy used cars online. You can arrange a video viewing and click and deliver service that is COVID-secure and this can make buying a used car much easier for motorists. Additionally, used car sales will remain strong in 2022 with motorists in the UK looking to make savings and pent-up demand for automobiles being released.

Car-Share Services

It is also likely that many motorists will sell their vehicles and instead join car-share services. With many people now working remotely and getting all of their shopping delivered, many motorists find that they no longer need their own car and it is a waste of money. These people can opt to join a car share service instead, which will be more cost-effective and an easy way to have a car for the times that you need one.

These will be a few of the main car trends that will shape 2022 in the auto industry. It is a unique time in the auto industry right now with some amazing technological developments being made, but the im-pact of the pandemic is still being felt. This will continue throughout 2022 in what should be an inter-esting year in the auto industry.


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