Here’s What Makes Mercedes-Benz The World’s Most Valuable Luxury Car Brand


Have you ever thought about why almost every Mercedes model makes a splash? Why, when BMW introduced a new generation of the 7-series, which surpasses the S-Class in many ways in terms of innovation, did it not gain the same popularity and attention that the Mercedes flagship usually receives?

Whatever luxury executive car we discuss, the undisputed leader in popularity will always be the Mercedes S-class. And this has been going on for many years.

Why is this happening, you ask?

Assembly features: mercedes rims, wheels, and other parts

The art of Maybach S-Class luxury lies in the fact that it is natural – no need to think, just trust your intuition.

Take the Mercedes-Maybach S560 4MATIC for example. It is a solid middling. The story about the options of this car would take several pages, so we will limit ourselves to a few of the most interesting facts about the luxury sedan. Elegant multi-spoke maybach steering wheel in light leather with wood inserts and High Gloss Polished Multispoke Wheels, enigmatically named Silk Beige/Deep Sea Blue Package. It includes semi-aniline Nappa leather and DINAMICA porcelain headlining.

The maybach rims are crucial. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Rims are the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship. Whether they be steel rims or light alloy maybach rims, the superior their rolling and wear characteristics are the more precisely they suit the appropriate tire type.

In addition, the cabin came with the MAGIC SKY CONTROL feature, which allows you to take control of the sky. At least from the visual side. The technology allows you to change the tint of the transparent roof from 100 to about 20%. With the help of “magic”, the roof itself will determine whether it needs to be darkened, or remain completely transparent.

Let’s take another car – Maybach S580. It is very lengthy. Due to this, depending on the maybach wheels diameter you choose, the firm gave it rear wheels that could turn as much as the front ones can, up to a maximum of 4.5 degrees or 10 degrees. According to the business, this may decrease the auto’s turning radius by more than 6 feet, which is quite helpful in smaller urban spaces.

Electronics features

Except for features in maybach body kit, developers always introduce up-to-date electronics. Maybach tries its best to justify its cost and even tries to jump above its head, offering options so unique and simply incredible that it takes your breath away from such an approach to business. There are simply no analogs for some functions in the automotive world.

The sedan gives freedom of choice thanks to the widest range of settings. In it, you can customize everything and even more at your discretion. 

Many Mercedes have a suite of driver-assistance technologies that steer the car in a lane, brake in front of cars, and accelerate on its own, without driver intervention, to safe highway speeds. Traffic jams or city driving for road autopilot seemed to be just a nice warm-up.

Even the ambient interior lighting features a large number of settings. Lighting can be customized to any color you want.

This all comes in addition to various heated and cooled seats, with a surprising variety of massage functions, “your chauffeur” functions, the ability to automatically fold the front seat for the convenience of rear passengers, and so on.

In conclusion

The amazing quality of cars, the best finishing materials, the attitude to all the little things, great innovations, and leadership in the introduction of advanced technologies in cars. Hybrid cars, all-electric cars, natural gas, hydrogen, and biofuel cars are all Mercedes.

In addition to cars, you can buy minivans, buses, trucks, tractors, all-terrain vehicles, industrial engines, military equipment, heavily armored vehicles, and much more. Mercedes-Benz is one of the leaders everywhere and in every industry.

And the most important thing. Mercedes engineers are insane. They have always built crazy cars: Silver Arrow, 300SL, and 450SEL 6.9 have left their mark on history. Mind-blowing SLR McLaren, SL 65 AMG, SLS AMG, AMG GT – Mercedes’ competitors have nothing to cover here.


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