5 Tips to Make Your Student Accommodation More Comfortable

5 Tips to Make Your Student Accommodation More Comfortable

Home is one of the most important spaces you have. Even when it’s temporary accommodation, it is still a place where you spend a lot of your time. Hence, it is crucial to make your accommodation comfortable and safe.

Notably, you wouldn’t need tons of money to ensure comfort in your environment. As they say, the devil is in the details. You just need to pay attention to fixing small but critical aspects. And with just a few tweaks, you would end up with the coziest place imaginable.

Follow these five simple tips to feel comfortable in your accommodation in no time.

What is comfort to you?

Comfort is very subjective. Of course, we all need a warm and safe place with all the necessary facilities to accommodate us. However, the parameters for feeling comfortable playing top co-op games in the space will vary from person to person. So figure out what is the most essential to creating comfort for you.

You might need a lot of space to feel light and comfortable. Hence, even in not-so-big apartments or rooms, you might like to have minimal decorations.

Or, it could be the complete opposite for you. Maybe the most comfortable thing for you is being surrounded by plushies and tons of nicknacks. Make sure to include that one central theme in your accommodation that comforts you the most.

Keep necessities in check

Still, material factors are the key to feeling comfortable in a space. Do not neglect to check the facilities and make sure that everything works properly. Take into consideration:

● Checking the windows. You would not want to feel the cold wind coming from the windows in the fall or winter. Make sure that they do not need additional sealing.
● The condition of your bathroom. Do not neglect to pay extra attention to your shower and toilet. It would be greatly unpleasant to deal with a clogged toilet or flooded bathroom.
● Know how to regulate the thermostat and deal with all the tech in the accommodation. There is no comfort in living in a too-cold or too-hot environment. Or not being able to use some appliances due to a glitch.

Pay extra attention to the condition of your basic facilities before moving in, and keep everything in check.

5 Tips to Make Your Student Accommodation More Comfortable homes

Organize your space

Having a well-organized space provides you with instant comfort. Divide your accommodation into zones. Have a special place to write your reflection paper and another one to have dinner. Do not mix up your working space with the one where you’re relaxing.

Having separate zones gives signals to your brain activating an activity the brain is used to doing in that area. This way, you will be able to fully relax on a couch without your brain associating it with work or any other projects. Likewise, your concentration will be at the highest point at your desk if you train yourself to study or work there.

Also, consider having well-organized drawers and cupboards. It saves you a lot of time when things have their place. And nothing can be more comfortable than a stressless morning, free from a search for the keys in every crack of your place.

Control clutter

Regardless of how big your space is, make sure you do not accumulate clutter. Of course, everybody needs a different number of things. However, you will surely feel the excess that fills up your space.

It is a great distress looking into cupboards full of cups that you never use. In contrast, it is always comforting to see that you have enough space to fill it with things that give you joy. Consider doing a small decluttering every month if you feel like you have this issue.

For your decluttering to be successful, make sure that you understand how much clutter you have. Do it section by section: cutlery, clothes, etc. Listen to your inner voice and adjust this process to fit your lifestyle and needs.


After you have organized your space and made sure it’s clutter-free, enjoy decorating it to your taste. Your accommodation is the extension of your taste and style. Make sure to use it to your advantage and indulge in interior design a bit.

A huge part of feeling comfortable is making a space your own. Hence, decoration is the easiest and cheapest way to do so. Even your skincare bottles or clothing rail can be a part of your aesthetic.

Make sure to have fun with it and create a space that you feel cozy in. Just remember not to go overboard with decorations and be smart about your home decor shopping.

Wrapping Up

Here you go. Make sure to define what comfort means to you, look after your facilities, and keep them in check. Organize your space, avoid clutter, and express yourself through decorations. Follow these five easy tips, and you wouldn’t want to leave your place at all.


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