Simple Measures to Make Your Business Better

Simple Measures to Make Your Business Better (2)

Running a business can sometimes feel like you are juggling one plate too many and they’re about to fall at any moment, so the last thing you want is to add lots of complicated new processes into the mix, But, you know what? Things don’t always have to get complicated in the push to improve your business, as you will see below:

Do a Spot of Mystery Shopping

If you want to improve your levels of customer service, and this is a great place to start when it comes to improving your business overall, then mystery shopping is the simple solution you need. Mystery shoppers sneak into your business undercover, interact with your staff, and report back on their experiences. It’s like having a spy who’s on your side, providing invaluable intel on how your team performs when they think the boss isn’t watching. Implementing a mystery shopping program can shine a spotlight on areas that need improvement, celebrate what you’re doing right, and ultimately, make your service as smooth as a martini.

Think Feedback

If mystery shopping is the secret service, then customer feedback is the town crier, shouting your strengths and weaknesses from the rooftops. Encourage feedback in all its forms – surveys, comment cards, social media shoutouts. The key is not just to collect this treasure trove of opinions but to actually do something with it. Respond to comments, make changes based on customer suggestions, and whatever you do, don’t just let it gather dust in the corner like last year’s tax return.

Incubate Innovation

Here’s a novel idea – allocate time each week or month for your team to brainstorm, no holds barred. Call it your Innovation Incubator. This is a judgement-free zone where all ideas, no matter how outlandish, are welcome. The next big thing for your business could come from the most unexpected source, like the intern who’s been quietly observing or the postman who’s seen more business operations than you’ve had hot dinners.

Simple Measures to Make Your Business Better (1)

Digital Detox

In a world where we’re constantly connected, taking a step back from digital distractions can do wonders. Implement a digital detox hour or afternoon in your workplace. No emails, no social media, no digital anything. It’s a time to focus on creative tasks, have face-to-face meetings (remember those?), or simply clear your head. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing it is and how it can boost productivity and creativity.

The Environment Upgrade

Never underestimate the power of a good working environment. And no, this doesn’t necessarily mean splashing out on a foosball table or installing a slide instead of stairs (though, if you can, why not?). Simple changes like more natural light, plants, or even just a lick of paint can transform your workspace. Happy, comfortable employees are productive employees. Plus, it makes coming to work a tad more appealing than the prospect of another day in a dreary, grey box.

Skill Swap Saturday

Okay, it doesn’t have to be a Saturday, but the idea is to encourage your team to teach each other something new. Maybe your marketing wizard can share some social media sorcery with the rest of the team, or your tech guru can demystify the dark arts of coding. It’s a fantastic way to foster team spirit, broaden individual skill sets, and shake up the daily routine.

Here’s to a better business without all the hassle!


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