What are the Most Common Accidents in Factories?

What are the Most Common Accidents in Factories main

In Great Britain, workplace injury and work-related illness imposes an enormous burden on the economy. According to the Health and Safety Executive, 38.8 million working days are lost each year as a result of these things, amounting to around £16.2 billion in lost revenue and compensation.

Those unfortunate enough to be injured at work may be entitled to legal redress through personal injury and medical negligence solicitors. But this won’t get back the lost productivity, or dispel the stress that might have resulted from the ordeal. Consequently, employers should consider it worth looking into measures which might limit the damage caused.

A factory is among the most dangerous kinds of workplace, packed as they are with heavy machinery. But with the right safety precautions, there’s no reason that the danger can’t be limited. You can create a much safer work environment by attending some safety training, like those found at 360 Training. Let’s take a look at some of the most pressing hazards.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Performing the same repetitive task over and over again can lead to repetitive strain injury. This is a slow deterioration of soft tissue. It’s especially dangerous if you’re frequently handling vibrating machinery, like a drill.


Lifting and carrying heavy objects might seem straightforward – but occasionally, it might cause a strain that’s difficult to recover from. Observe proper technique while lifting, and, if necessary, make sure that you’re warmed up before making the attempt. Workers should know their limits and respect them; it is not worth the cost of being out of action for months.

What are the Most Common Accidents in Factories safety

Hit by falling objects

Scaffolding and mezzanine flooring presents the risk of objects being dropped. Where objects hit a worker on the head, they can inflict catastrophic injury. Thus, it’s essential that hard-hat policies are strictly enforced wherever this is a danger.

Hazardous Substances

If hazardous substances are being handled, then protective clothing and gloves should be worn. Likewise, ventilation equipment can protect against harmful fumes.

Loud noises

Hearing loss is a problem that tends to build up over the years. Tinnitus can be a source of severe stress, and thus it’s critical that workers protect themselves using hearing protection whenever they’re near loud equipment. Drills are common culprits, but other machines can be just as damaging if you’re standing near to them all day long.

Machinery related injuries

Occasionally, a piece of machinery can inflict a sudden injury. This danger is especially pressing if the machinery in question has been improperly maintained. Regular inspection and maintenance is therefore a must.


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