Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Businesses

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Businesses main

Choosing the right phone system for your small business isn’t always easy. With so many options and system providers using technology-driven language that many of us don’t understand, the process of choosing a phone system can feel overwhelming. One phone system that more and more businesses are using is virtual phone numbers especially if the entrepreneur wants to use a text messaging service for businesses. If this has been offered to you and you’re not sure if it’s right for your business, here’s what you need to know.

What are virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers, sometimes known as direct inward dialling (DID) or access numbers, are numbers without an associated telephone line. Calls made to virtual phone numbers are made via the internet – also known as voice over IP (VoIP) calls.

What are the benefits of a virtual phone system?

1. Choice of phone numbers

If your business is making calls to New York from London and you don’t want receivers to constantly be Googling ‘what area is 020’, a virtual phone system allows you to have a localised number for any part of the world you want to make calls to or receive calls from.

2. Cost-saving

Calls made to and from virtual phone numbers are often cheaper than traditional phone calls – especially phone calls made to international numbers. Often, a rate is agreed upon with the provider of your virtual phone number, with many even offering unlimited, free inbound calls. Virtual phone systems are also cost-saving because they can be used anywhere so long as there is an internet connection – so no expensive roaming charges – and you don’t need to spend money on line rentals and system maintenance.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Businesses landline

3. Flexibility

VoIP calls can be taken anywhere and on any device. This offers a lot of flexibility, especially for remote workers who use their mobile devices for business. Virtual phone systems are also easy to scale, so when your business grows you won’t need to fork out money on installing more telephone lines or adding line rentals. Simply contact your virtual phone system provider and increase the number of devices that can be linked to the virtual phone number.

4. Professional appearance

Because virtual phone numbers can be linked to any device, employees using their mobile phones can make calls using the same business phone number. This means when customers, clients, or leads receive phone calls, the number that appears on caller ID will be your professional business phone number and not someone’s personal mobile number. This offers a professional, unified appearance that will help anyone you contact trust you.

5. Additional features

Many of the best VoIP system providers out there also offer a range of features with the system. For example, voice messages can be converted into emails so that you and your employees can quickly read them in text format. Many VoIP systems have a mobile app where phone calls and contacts can all be managed from one integrated place. Your VoIP system provider may also allow you to send text messages from a business number and offer call features such as call routing, analysis, and more.


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