Global Versus Domestic – Navigating the Complexities of Metal Manufacturing

Global Versus Domestic - Navigating the Complexities of Metal Manufacturing (1)

The question of whether to source industrial components domestically or internationally presents a dilemma for procurement managers. Fractory, a company specialising in manufacturing technology services, has expanded its scope to include global manufacturing options. Initially focused on local partnerships, the shift towards international supply chains was influenced by macroeconomic trends and customer feedback. Now, customers in locations like Tartu, Turku, or Düsseldorf, or Manchester (for example!) have the option to source laser cut metal or CNC milled parts globally, predominantly from Asia, through Fractory’s platform. This expansion sees the company act as a mediator, offering secure access to a vetted network of international manufacturers, thus broadening customer options for more competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. The vetting procedure is vital. Auditing potential production partners is a massive task for businesses. And all Fractory’s production partners are tried and tested.

Despite the allure of global production for its cost-effectiveness, the importance of local manufacturing remains undiminished. Fractory’s original network of European partners aimed to enhance the speed and adaptability of its service, as well as its sustainability. But the dual approach – domestic and global – addresses the diverse needs of its clients, catering to those seeking cost savings through offshore production as well as those valuing the proximity of local production.

Fractory prioritises sustainability by optimising the utilisation of machinery and aligning production assignments with the specific availability, expertise, and capabilities of manufacturers, but now it does so on a global scale. This strategic distribution of jobs across international markets signifies a move towards making the industry more efficient and sustainable by leveraging global resources.

Global Versus Domestic - Navigating the Complexities of Metal Manufacturing (2)

The expansion to include more global suppliers is not a quest for (perceived) cheap labour at the expense of (perceived) European quality; rather, it’s about providing top-notch products through a carefully curated network of suppliers. Fractory aims to transcend political and geographical boundaries to meet the varied preferences of its customers, whether they seek affordability, convenience, or local sourcing.

Understanding the diverse requirements of its customers, Fractory has broadened its supply base across both Asia and Europe. This approach ensures maximum flexibility, positioning the company as a comprehensive solution for all manufacturing needs, in line with its strategic growth plans.

A serious scalable manufacturing services offering has to be international. Demand for international production is always there and it should be met. International production, arranged through a cloud manufacturing service like Fractory, with all the benefits or order pooling and scale purchasing collateral and access to available resource, will always be more efficient and sustainable than when businesses set out on the difficult path to source their own international producers. In the real world, there is a necessity for a global perspective in today’s manufacturing landscape.


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