The Benefits of Booking a Short Term Rental in NYC for Business Travelers

Benefits of Booking a Short Term Rental in NYC for Business Travelers main

Business travelers to New York City can benefit greatly from short-term rentals. Not only do they provide a more home-like atmosphere, but also the cost savings are substantial when compared to traditional hotel lodging.

In addition, the ability to completely customize your rental and make it tailored specifically for your needs is something that business travelers value highly.

In this article, we’ll explore 6 benefits of booking a short term rental for your next business trip to the Big Apple;

Cost advantages

Business travel can be costly. That’s why smart business travelers are choosing short-term rentals instead of hotels. With a short-term rental, you can avoid the many hidden costs that come with staying in a hotel and save money.

Here are some of the cost advantages of booking furnished short term rental apartments in NYC for your next business trip:

● No Mandatory Daily Resort Fees: Hotel guests frequently have to pay compulsory daily “resort fees” on top of their room rate, which can pile up rapidly. Short-term rentals don’t have such fees.
● Avoid Sky-High Hotel Taxes: NYC hotels have some of the highest taxes in the country. You can avoid these inflated taxes by staying in a short-term rental.
● Get more bang for Your Buck: Short-term rentals typically offer more amenities and luxuries than hotel rooms. For example, daily housekeeping services or room service won’t be charged when you’re staying in a short-term rental. Plus, you can do laundry in your rental unit instead of paying for expensive hotel laundry services.

More space

When you stay in a hotel room, you’re often limited to a single space for everything: sleeping, eating, working, and relaxing. This setup can be uncomfortable and claustrophobic, especially for long stays.

A short term rental gives you much more space to spread out and relax. You’ll have access to an entire living space, complete with a living room, kitchen, and bedroom (sometimes more).

You’ll also have your own private bathroom, which can be a huge plus after a long day of meetings or sightseeing. This extra space can make your business trip more relaxing and comfortable, giving you a true home away from home.

And if you’re traveling with family or friends, the extra space can be a lifesaver. Instead of splitting up into different hotel rooms, everyone can stay together in one place, sharing meals and making memories. It’s the perfect way to make your business trip feel more like a vacation.

Free Wi-Fi

In this day and age, staying connected is crucial, and business travelers especially need reliable internet access. Short-term rentals in NYC understand this and provide a hassle-free solution: free Wi-Fi.

No more worrying about extra charges for internet access. You can attend your virtual meetings, send important emails, or just browse the web without any inconveniences or delays.

In addition to saving on costs, the Wi-Fi in short-term rentals is often faster and more reliable than what you might find in a hotel. This is because most short-term rentals have their own dedicated routers and private networks, which means you won’t have to deal with the frustration of slow, spotty internet.

Plus, with free Wi-Fi, you can relax and unwind after a long day of work by streaming your favorite TV show or movie without any buffering or interruptions.

Benefits of Booking a Short Term Rental in NYC for Business Travelers


As a busy business traveler, flexibility is key. And that’s exactly what short term rentals in NYC offer. Say goodbye to being tied down to rigid hotel check-in and check-out times. With a short term rental, you have the freedom to choose the dates that work best for your schedule.

Whether you need to extend your stay for an extra meeting or cut your trip short to attend to pressing matters back at the office, a short term rental allows you to adapt to your changing needs with ease. No more worrying about rigid hotel policies or last-minute cancellations.


Location is everything when it comes to business travel in NYC, and short-term rentals are the perfect solution. They offer prime locations that cater to your every need.

Imagine being just a stone’s throw away from your office, allowing you to quickly and easily get to work without having to endure a long and stressful commute.

And when it comes to getting around the city during your downtime, many rentals are located near public transportation, allowing you to quickly navigate the city. This means you can easily explore the city’s iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, or Central Park and make the most of your free time.

But location isn’t just about proximity to work and tourist attractions. It’s also about convenience. Having easy access to amenities like grocery stores, shops, and restaurants can make your stay more comfortable and stress-free.


When you choose to stay in a hotel, you’re sharing your space with strangers – from the guests next door to the cleaning staff. For most people, this can be a serious issue, especially if you crave privacy.

With a short term rental, you’ll have your own private space in which to work, sleep, and relax – away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, you’ll enjoy the benefit of having more control over your environment that’s often impossible in a hotel room.

This sense of privacy and freedom can make a huge difference in the quality of your business trip to NYC.


Booking a short-term rental in NYC for business travelers is an excellent way to save money, stay flexible and have access to amenities that you wouldn’t otherwise find in a hotel.

Not only will it be more cost effective than traditional accommodation options but you will also feel right at home due to all of the extra personal touches that these furnished rentals provide.

Take advantage of these benefits today and book a short term rental for your next stay in the city that never sleeps!


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