Scent From Heaven: How to Properly Apply Your Favourite Perfume

How to Properly Apply Your Favourite Perfume main

It’s a big night. You’ve thought of everything: The perfect outfit, new hairdo, booked your favourite restaurant, planned the bars you’ll be visiting afterwards – and you’ve even remembered to clean the front room, just in case…

So just before you leave you add the finishing touch – a circular spray of your favourite scent. Except, that’s not really the perfect way to apply it. Yes, making the most of your preferred perfume is a fine art – and one that could make all the difference on a big night.

So, with that in mind, what are the secrets to applying perfume perfectly?…

No drops!
Perfume should land on your skin like a fine mist – which is why over-spraying or spraying the bottle too close to the skin is incorrect. Any pooling is simply an over-concentration of the scent and should always be avoided by spraying the bottle about six inches away from your skin.

Timing is important
Ideally you want to apply your perfume after you are completely dry following a shower or bath. If you wish, moisturise with an odourless cream – the moisturiser will help retain the perfume’s scent for longer – and apply it about 10 minutes before leaving the house for maximum performance.

Myth of wrist rubbing
Don’t do it! Nothing makes the delicate top notes in a perfume’s scent disintegrate more than a bit of wrist abrasion. The process is actually used by perfumers to deliberately erase top notes so they can detect mid-notes, so it’s something worth doing when purchasing – but never do it after applying perfume before a night out.

How to Properly Apply Your Favourite Perfume

Ask around
Everyone’s nose is different – and what smells good to you might not always smell good to others. Where some might prefer and intoxicating oud perfume, others may like something less intense. If you’re a perfume mix-and-matcher where’s the harm in asking your best friend for feedback? And as the scent evolves during your night out, is it worth a visit to the ladies for a top up spray?

Hit the beat
Perfume fans will likely know the trick of applying the scent to pulse areas such as the sides of the neck, back of the knees and chest – but why is this important? These warm pulse points act as a sort of natural diffuser with the heat gently activating the scent as you wear it. Plus, this prevents the scent from becoming too lifeless too quickly.

Avoid the hair
For some free-spirited sprayers, an all-over body spritz seems to be the way to go – but some perfumes, particularly alcohol-based formulas and eau du toilettes can actually damage your locks. If you must go full frenzy on the application, use non-alcohol ingredients to protect your hair.

Don’t smother
It seems obvious, but don’t swamp your lovely and delicate Versace scent with over garments. Think about what clothes you are going to wear before applying your perfume and let it breathe!

Do the spritz!
While spraying perfume directly onto your clothes isn’t recommended, spraying a fine mist into the air in front of you and then literally walking into it will create a fine layer of scent all over your clothes – especially good in winter where you’re less likely to have bare skin patches to spray. Important not to overdo this though, as it can quickly become overpowering.


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