How To Prepare Your Body & Mind For A Healthy Autumn

How To Prepare Your Body & Mind For A Healthy Autumn main

For some people, autumn is the season of new beginnings and the smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie evokes childhood memories, on the other hand, for many autumn tends to be a depressive time as falling leaves associate them with the passing of life. There is some truth behind the falling-leaves notion, but mainly that it tends to wind us down, in all other cases, this time of the year is the ideal period to focus on yourself. Summer weather and fun holidays are over, the time has come to put more effort into work and restore your mind and heart. Get synchronized with the most colorful season, narrow down your hectic schedule, and learn how to blend with autumn. Here are some soothing ideas on how to prepare your body and mind for a healthy autumn.

Be “one” with nature

Until heavy snow and cold weather hit us, autumn is the most ravishing period to get some loving fresh air that will help you stay in connection with your inner self. Nothing beats a restful evening walk in the park, listening to autumn leaves cracking under your feet, the smell of chestnut cracking on the street, and feeling the cool breeze caressing you gently. Get the most out of the late autumn sun and try to spend more time outside as the mixture of fresh air, walking, and sunlight is a recipe for a healthy body and mind.

Ease up your daily routines

In September when work and school duties kick in, it can be hard to catch up on all obligations and retain your sanity. This autumn do your best to wind down and get plenty of tranquil sleep to get enough energy and restore your healthy state of mind for the upcoming detrimental winter. Don’t skip on your regular routines, get up earlier to catch the morning sun and be more productive, go to bed earlier, and simply make sure you get plenty of serene sleep. For extra support, you can take some quality supplements and vitamins to help you keep up with your busy schedule such as magnesium or other multivitamins such as those that Intelligent Labs have to offer, and you won’t ever have to fear of lacking energy or willpower again.

How To Prepare Your Body & Mind For A Healthy Autumn

Design a perfect meal plan

One of the best ways to thoroughly enjoy autumn in spite of the yucky climate is to create a meal plan with all the savory goodies this season has to offer. By eating more seasonal fruit and vegetables, you will immediately feel rejuvenated and your spirit will get uplifted because most seasonal produce helps our bodies regain zinc, vitamin C, and protein, and keep us healthy and mindful. Strive to intake more of the majestic seasonal foods into your diet such as sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, kale, beets, and pumpkin. Consuming such tasty foods would cleanse your entire organism, recuperate your muscles, and regenerate your stamina.

Opt for more restorative exercise forms

If you are not keen on walking in breezy air but still wish to vamp up your body and combat any health threats that this flu season may bring, then you ought to take up some other restorative sport. A good idea would be to start with a mild transition of summery sports and ditch swimming, running, and cycling with calmer exercise forms such as pilates, yoga, or aqua aerobics. What’s more, if you want to try some mindful and more ‘yin’ activities you could try Tai Chi or Qigong which do wonders both for your mental and physical health. Doing any form of restorative forms of exercise would have amazing benefits for your overall health no matter the season.

Healthy food, plenty of water, and a brisk walk here and there at an inspirational autumn flair park are the recipes for preparing your body and mind for this invigorating time of the year.


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