Go Online to Make Your Beauty Business a Success

Go Online to Make Your Beauty Business a Success main

In recent times, more beauty salons have opened on our high streets than any other independent business in the UK. Indeed, the industry is positively thriving, and the good news for anyone looking to stick their thumb in the pie is that more and more consumers are moving across to upstart brands, particularly ones that offer products with natural and organic ingredients.

Further to this, more and more consumers are starting to purchase their products online and utilise subscription services for all their beauty needs, which in turn, means that any discerning beauty business will need a strong online presence if they are to stand out in a saturated market.

Build an Attractive Website

For any business, a solid online marketing strategy is essential in the current climate and this all starts with a hard-working website. Your website is your digital shopfront, a place that you need passers-by, or browsers, to stop and consider your services and products for their beauty needs.

Develop a website that’s easy to use and a breeze to navigate with clear and concise content and a strong call to action. This is also your opportunity to develop and build on your brand with recognisable logos, graphics and colours that are uniform throughout.

Bear in mind that most internet users will have several tabs open at once, and it is therefore advisable to have an instantly recognisable favicon that utilises your logo. To simplify this, familiarise yourself with the best favicon generators at Oberlo.

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Use Email Marketing

The use of a clever email marketing strategy is the first step in building an infallible retention and win-back plan for your beauty business. Email marketing instantly enables you to communicate promotions and new products and services to your existing clients, allowing you to maximise on sales and re-engage customers who have fallen dormant. Lure your clients back to your shop with offers they can’t refuse. Make sure you use your website to harvest email addresses for a targeted email campaign and to maximise your chances of converting visitors.

It’s All About the Social

Even traditional businesses are now taking to social media to help promote their products or services, so it’s little wonder that there are currently 50 million businesses using Facebook Pages to help build their brand.

Your beauty business should look to focus on building an audience on one or two social media platforms initially, in order to grow an engaged audience. Facebook provides a cost-effective tool for reaching large, targeted audiences, however, should your target audience be the younger demographic, then look to Instagram, where you can display your products and services in a visual way to a target audience who have an engagement rate that is 58 times higher than Facebook.

Build Customer Trust

Put a face to the brand with photos and information about you and your staff, but most importantly use a trusted review site to help change the way your customers perceive your brand, and prove that you are a credible and professional outfit.


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