Which Sunglasses are Best for Your Face Shape?

Which Sunglasses are Best for Your Face Shape main

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be complicated. Just like with clothes, there really is no one-size-fits-all, and the wrong shades can impact your confidence every time you slip them on. So what is the secret to looking your best in the summer months?

Although you might have resigned yourself to squinting into the sun on your holiday photos, both men’s and womens sunglasses come in so many styles for a reason. But it’s not just about preference, because while you can love the cat-eye look, they might not sit right on your face.

This handy guide helps you to find the pair of shades that were made for you.

Square Face

You might think that square frames pair well with a square face, but this isn’t the case. Choosing boxy glasses can make your face seem too angular and defined. Ideally, you’ll be looking for sunglasses that add a softer touch to your jawline and extra length. Round and oval lenses can really help with this, as can a narrow frame. Avoid chunky styles and opt for a sleeker look.

Heart-Shaped Face

Because heart-shaped faces narrow towards the chin, you’ll want your sunglasses to offer more balance to the lower half of your face. You should avoid dark glasses that accentuate the forehead and seek out cat-eye, oval or aviator shapes. These can help to add width to your jawline and bring out the best in your cheekbones.

Oval Face

Thanks to the balanced proportions of your face, you’ll have your pick of sunglasses. There aren’t many styles that won’t suit oval-shaped faces, but particularly narrow sunglasses could add unwanted length.

Which Sunglasses are Best for Your Face Shape glassesWhich Sunglasses are Best for Your Face Shape glasses

Round Face

Similar to the advice for those with a square face, anyone with a round face shouldn’t assume round frames will work for them. Circular lenses can create too much softness, whereas rectangular lenses offer some much-needed contrast. Angles and clean lines help to give round faces a sharper, more defined feel. Sunglasses that are asymmetrical can have a similar effect, providing extra definition.

Diamond-Shaped Face

The rarest of them all, diamond-shaped faces often have impressive cheekbones. Small sunglasses will help to accentuate this area the best and can work well in rounded, cat-eye and aviator styles.

Still haven’t found the right fit?

Faces are tricky and you may find that yours doesn’t fit into one category perfectly. Maybe your face shape is on the rounder side but your jawline has a little extra definition, or it could be that your forehead to chin ratio isn’t right for heart-shaped but still doesn’t have the effortless balance of an oval.

It’s important not to feel too limited by individual classifications, because you can make them work for you. When hunting for the right pair of shades, remember that balance is everything. Think about softening angles with curves and adding definition to the areas that need it the most.

At the end of the day, your personal comfort is everything, so keep this in the forefront of your mind when looking for your perfect pair.


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