Life of The Party: What To Wear To Music Festivals

What To Wear To Music Festivals

When a global pandemic slammed the world, music festivals across the globe came to a grinding halt. And while people waited impatiently for things to start again, the fashion surrounding much-loved festivals shifted.

Pre-pandemic fashion contained three main categories. You either went the uber-practical route of gumboots and comfy clothes, embraced the bohemian chic world, or opted for a new-age rave style, which combined streetwear and punk edge. And while muck boots might still be the practical option for footwear, the possibilities of fashion have stretched beyond your belief.

Luxe Lingerie

No matter where you are in the world, the festival season tends to fall in the spring or summer months, meaning the temperature can get up to sizzling heights. So embrace the hot weather by wearing the bare minimum to stay comfortable and relaxed while dancing the day away.

Turn to bras and bralettes paired with jeans, shorts and skirts for an easy outfit. Or throw a slip dress over basic underwear for a cheeky and feminine look. The most important thing to remember here is sunscreen for your exposed skin. If you pick up a nasty burn, your experience will be over quicker than you would like.

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Cowgirl Chic

The western-inspired trend of cowgirl chic has been a hot trend of festivals for a few fashion seasons, showing no signs of slowing down. And while donning a full cowboy hat in the middle of a festival crowd might make you stand out for the wrong reasons, elements of the style have become firm favourites in the event’s landscape.

Fringe detailing, denim, and bandanas have been common choices by many celebrities over the years. And they are easy and affordable for anyone to replicate. Furthermore, cowboy boots are unique and endearing, a popular choice for many people across countries and styles.


The beauty of extraterrestrial trends and influence is that there are multiple options and avenues to explore under the broad umbrella of the name. As the world of sci-fi has seen re-invented and change throughout the years, you can nail this trend in a multitude of ways.

From bubble-shaped sunglasses that resemble alien eyes to moon boots that make you feel like a child playing dress up again, diamontes, glitter, hair dye and fluorescent clothes, the weird and wonderful come together in a colourful and chaotic clash of brilliance.

Crochet Re-invented

Gone are the days when crochet was reserved for bohemian fashion or your grandmother’s bathroom accessories. It is unclear when crochet received its fashionable makeover, but since 2022, it has exploded in popularity and availability to all age groups.

With the proper styling, it can be transformed into Y2K fashion, futuristic looks or thrown over your favourite bikini for the hottest days. For some added fun, you can attempt to make your own crochet garments before your next musical festival.

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Dolled Down

While festivals provide the perfect setting and excuse to go all-out with your experimental looks, there are no set rules barring you from keeping things simple and comfortable too. Of course, the fashion and Instagram-worthy settings are the main appeals for some, but if you want to enjoy yourself in the easiest way possible, keep it plain.

A simple t-shirt or tank top paired with your favourite baggy jeans or high-waisted pants will still have you rocking stylish casualwear without any of the hassles. If you want to add flair, get creative with your make-up or hairstyle. But sticking to the basics will, in itself, create a statement too.

Best to Avoid

When planning and preparing for a music festival, we often focus on everything we want to do and have and forget some of the things that are best left at home. At the end of the day, you are looking for the perfect balance between something stylish but comfortable. And to achieve this balance, some items should be avoided.

Don’t go overboard when it comes to the number of clothing items you choose to wear. Layering is a fun way to showcase multiple pieces, but too many will make you hot, which can become dangerous and make your movements awkward and restricted.

Leave the heels and wedges at home. You are at a music festival, which will likely consist of walking long distances between entertainers and food vendors. You will also want to dance more now than ever, and your night will be ruined pretty quickly if every step is painful.

Ditch the oversized handbag or tote for something small and hands-free. The goal is to only bring the essentials with you and leave everything else behind. If you drag a massive bag around, it will make you want to throw it off a cliff sooner rather than later.

Finally, don’t wear or accessorise with anything that will quickly become impractical to carry, keep, or maintain. You will feel distracted by it the entire time you are out, potentially jeopardising your level of enjoyment. Your outfit choice needs to serve you for an entire day. Dress wisely.


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