What it’s Like to be a Parent of a Child Model

What it’s Like to be a Parent of a Child Model main

Every parent thinks that their child is cute enough to be a model. Some parents can actually say it because their child is an actual model.

Many people see UK child models in magazines but rarely think about what went into that photo.

What’s it like for the child to do modelling? More importantly, what is it like for a parent?

Before you decide that you should pursue the possibility of your child getting into modelling, it pays to have an idea of what life is like when you do decide that your little girl would be perfect for that Spring fashion tips for girls article.

It’s a full time job

If you have a career plus a family, then think twice before sending that headshot of your child to an agency.

The hours you need to dedicate to your child’s career will quickly overwhelm your own. If you are a stay at home mum then it is doable, but you do still need to understand how busy your life is going to become.

Juggling emails, phone calls and last minute casting calls is a challenge. Then add the preparation for the day of the shoot. Driving to the shoot can take a big chunk out of your day and leave you scrambling to take care of your other duties as a mum.

You’ll need to arrange a babysitter for your other children on those days when you are on the road going to a photoshoot. Somebody to pick your children up from school will sometimes be necessary.

Your child may only do two or three gigs per month, but for you it is an ongoing job to juggle all of the different aspects.

What it’s Like to be a Parent of a Child Model shoot

Dealing with rejection

It takes thick skin and the ability to move on quickly to deal with the frequent rejections. For every time your child is accepted to do a photoshoot, there will be several rejections.

Does that mean your child is not good enough? No, it simply means that at that moment for that particular agency your child was not right.

You can try again later with the same agency as they may have different needs by that time. Or, you can just keep looking for the agency that does need your child.

Perseverance is the key to having a child be successful in the modelling and fashion industry. It has less to do about your child as to whether or not they are successful and more about how determined you are.

Uncooperative kids

Think of how difficult it can be to convince your child to eat dinner when you know that they are hungry. They can dig in their heels over the simplest matter.

Now, try to imagine the same scenario when they don’t want to do a photoshoot and there are dozens of people that depend on things going according to schedule. How will you deal with that?

Because, ultimately, it is not the wrangler’s job to get your child on board. It is yours. And there will be times when they simply do not want to cooperate.


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