‘Bridgerton Fashion’ Revealed as The Most Popular UK Fashion Trend in 2022


With the return of the beloved Netflix series Bridgerton, the fashion trend Regency core is ready to pop once again – only this time – we’re not confined to our living rooms, and we can travel far and wide in our opulent textures.

Although you might not fancy slipping on an empire-waisted gown, there are endless ways to turn up your style by adding some cues into your own wardrobe such as head accessories, a pearl clutch or perhaps a ruffled top.

New research by Fenwick Department Store reveals a 186.92% increase in online demand for regency fashion over the past year, based on an analysis of recent UK online search trends. The study highlights a considerable popularity spike in the lead up to the second season of the Netflix hit, Bridgerton, that aired Friday 25th of March, with searches for regency dresses up 175% since December.

‘Bridgerton Fashion’ Revealed as The Most Popular UK Fashion Trend in 2022 graphic

By analysing popular fashion trends search data, the research also reveals a Y2K trend dropping in popularity, which has otherwise dominated in the fashion world over the last year.

Regency fashion revealed as most popular fashion trend in 2022

With the popularity of regency fashion search terms almost tripling since the beginning of 2022 (+194.80%), the new research reveals British fashion enthusiasts are ready to fully embrace the so-called “regency core” trend with all its ruffles, colours, and opulent textures.

Whether you’re embracing your inner intellect as Penelope, an eligible bachelor looking for love or perhaps just wanting to up your fashion game – regency fashion is here to stay.

Dopamine dressing more popular than ever

While regency fashion is growing to become the 2022 favourite, dopamine dressing is the fastest growing trend, with searches up a whopping 2.000% since March 2021.

Dopamine dressing involves dressing in a way that brings you joy and boosts your mood.

With wedding season just around the corner, and as we all put an end to a surreal two-year relationship with our loungewear, there’s never been a better time to add a big splash of colour to your wardrobe.

With Brits hooked on the concept of dopamine dressing, there’s not much more to do but to head to the shop – pick a colour that makes you feel alive and update your wardrobe with a few items that bring you joy.

Y2K trend’s popularity slowly fading away with shoppers

Despite scoring high points for popularity according to the volume of online interest in the UK, Y2K has seen a slight decline in average monthly searches in the previous year (-1.19% per month), and an overall significant year-on-year decrease of close to 16% compared to 2021, making way for other trends such as regency fashion which are growing fast.

With high street fashion still catering heavily to the Y2K enthusiasts, it might be a while until we bid our goodbyes (again) to baby tops, plateau shoes, and velour track suits.


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