An Emerging Fashion Trend Explained: Japanese Business Casual Wear


Autumn has finally arrived in Yorkshire, and so have fashion trends that fit the aesthetics of the season perfectly. One of these fashion trends is the Japanese business casual trend. This trend, which often shows muted colours and modest wear, is perfect for staying warm and fashionable throughout the end of the year. Read about this popular fashion trend and how to dress yourself accordingly in this article.

Modern Japanese Business Casual Fashion

Japan is a prominent player in the world’s fashion scene. Their streetwear has taken the world by storm and can be seen worn in metropolitans all over the globe. Besides streetwear, there is another stream of fashion that is becoming widely popular, which is Japanese business casual fashion.

Japanese business casual fashion is worn in both business settings as by stylish men and women in their leisure time. This fashion trend aims to keep it low tide by using muted colours, such as white, dark blue, grey, black, and beige. These tones create a toned-down but fashionable colour palette that fits the aesthetic perfectly.

The clothing that fits with this trend consists of very carefully chosen pieces, including the button-down collared shirt, the business blazer, and pants in a specific fit, depending on whether you’re dressing a man or a woman. The outfit is usually complemented with a unique Japanese aesthetic watch to add some class.

Business Fashion for Men

The most important thing for men’s business casual fashion is creating a good base, consisting of a button-down shirt with a colour and a pair of tapered pants or chinos. While jeans are not often accepted in the Japanese business scene, tight-fitted, dark-coloured ones are often found in the Japanese business casual fashion trend.

The shirt should be tucked in the pants, and the base should be complemented with a black leather belt and a pair of dark-coloured leather-laced shoes. Shoes should always be clean to give the best impression.

In colder seasons, the business casual outfit is typically worn with a jacket. For the best results, a jacket should be tailored and have buttons. Polyester or cotton are the best fabrics to choose from. To finish the outfit, men should opt for a briefcase that fits the colours of the outfit.

Hairstyle is also an important part of Japanese business casual fashion. Men should always be clean-shaven, and their hair should not be too long so it doesn’t touch the eyebrows, ears, or neck.

Japanese Business Casual Fashion for Women

As for women, the rules of this trend are very similar to those for men, but there are some significant differences. For example, women should also opt for a base existing of a shirt tucked into their pants, but pants could be tight fitted or flared. It’s also possible for women to wear a skirt, as long as it is at least knee-length.

Shoe-wise, women should choose from some lacquered loafers or heels with closed toes, such as pumps. Jewellery is usually kept to a minimum, but small earrings, a necklace, or watch are acceptable as long as they don’t stand out. It is important for female wearers of this fashion trend to take good care of their nails, as unpolished nails might seem sloppy.

Whether you’re a Yorkshire businessman or woman or just looking to level up your style, you now know how to dress according to the Japanese business casual fashion trend. So, pick up those muted coloured pieces and create the perfect base for your new business casual style.


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