Vionic Limitless All Gender Trainers – Review

Vionic All Gender Trainers Review

By Steve Crabtree, March 2024

We’re about to enter that exciting period of the year where the weather starts to be slightly more kind to us, and more of us want to get out and do things.

Days out with the family, cultural trips away, longer dog walks…that kind of thing.

And as we gear up for doing more, we need to think about all that mileage we’ll be putting through our feet. So, investing in some decent footwear is an absolute must.

That’s why I’ve been checking out the Vionic Limitless All Gender Trainers…

Vionic All Gender Trainers Review

“Comfort and performance”

From the moment you lay eyes on the Vionic Limitless All Gender trainers, their contemporary design hints at the comfort and performance they promise to deliver. I took a longer look at these than necessary, because I couldn’t tell if they were a fashion shoe or a practical shoe.

Well, they’ve definitely got a subtle modern look, but you can see and feel the levels of quality that Vionic have put in to these trainers, and I think you get a brilliant balance.

When I slipped my feet into the trainers, there was a lovely snug but accommodating fit, that wrapped around my foot, much like slipping on a glove. The impression I got from looking at these shoes was affirmed there and then, as I felt a sense of security and support from the get-go. The fabric and breathable mesh upper gently conforms to the contours of your feet, allowing your feet to breath, but without sacrificing style.

Yes, you wander round the room in new shoes and always get that good feel from them.  But the true test is going outside and using them like you mean business.

Vionic All Gender Trainers Review

What Vionic Say…

This all gender/unisex active style is built for performance with dual-density cushioning, 1st Ray forefoot flexibility and extended sizing!

“Each stride feels effortless”

I live really close to the Rochdale Canal, and I had a five-mile walk from Halifax to Brighouse to make. With that, I popped these on, put my earbuds in, and headed off on a fresh, freakishly warm February winter morning.

And taking those first steps, it became evident that these trainers are a great bit of kit. There’s a dual-density cushioning that works with the EVA orthotic insert, maximising the protection of your feet, but also cradling them with comfort. Each stride feels effortless, with the trainers absorbing and bouncing back very nicely. I felt a fluidity in my walk, which is fantastic when you’ve got Nile Rodgers and CHIC beats in your ears.

Despite not taking the shoes into the gym, I’m pretty sure the Vionic Limitless All Gender Trainers would be a good fit during intense activities like the treadmill, classes, and cross-training. My feet felt stable, grounded and centred.

But it’s not just about performance. There’s little moments of luxury woven into every wear of the Vionic Limitless All Gender Trainers. The reinforced heel provides added stability and durability, and you just get the impression that these trainers are built to last.  There’s sure to be resilience in these trainers to see you through.

Vionic All Gender Trainers Review

The Verdict

For people who want comfort without compromising on style and performance, the Vionic Limitless trainers emerge as an ideal choice.

For me, they’re perfect for leisure breaks and quiet holidays where long walks are on the itinerary.  And they blend functionality with fashion.

The subtle contemporary look of the trainers ensures that they’re versatile enough to pair with athleisure wear or casual ensembles. They’ll effortlessly transition from the gym to the streets.

With their fluid heel-spring performance the Vionic Limitless trainers ensure that every step is a comfortable and supported one. Whether exploring urban landscapes or embarking on outdoor adventures, you’ll be able to trust in these shoes.

For me, these have been a fantastic addition to my footwear collection.  Happy to wear them with jeans, with walking trousers and also with shorts – the shoes let me know that my feet are well-supported. And I feel confident that I’ll come out of the new season activities without blisters, aches and pains. And with that, I’m sure I’ll get many hundreds of miles out of them.

The Vionic Limitless All Gender Trainers are available from – RRP £120.00


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