Music of The Spheres World Tour: Compilation Of Random Facts About Coldplay


Coldplay will be rounding up their Music of the Spheres World Tour this year on the 16th of November, that is if the British band does not add more dates to the tour that is a few weeks shy from clocking 2 years since it started in March, 2022.

The Music of the Spheres has been an interesting Journey for Coldplay, and their fans, Coldplayers. All over social media, we see posts like, “Coldplay Changed My Life,” and “I met the love of my life in Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres World Tour.”

There’s no denying the fact that Coldplay puts in complete skills in the creation of their music. That is why they have managed to record outstanding ticket sales, massive support from a big fan base, and utmost cooperation from locations they’ve visited.

Currently, Box Office reports that the Music of the Spheres World Tour is almost at $1 billion. When that happens, Music of the Spheres World Tour will be the highest-grossing Tour in Coldplay’s musical career.

 An accomplishment we believe that Coldplay is deserving of, seeing how much they have invested in making their 8th Career tour the most convenient for everyone, including planet Earth.

On the list of locations Coldplay is set to take the Music of the Spheres World Tour this year is Düsseldorf, located in Germany. The British band will be in Germany again in July, where they will spend 3 days entertaining their fans there.

Even though this wouldn’t be the first time Coldplayers get to host Coldplay and the Music of the Spheres World Tour in Germany, there seems to be a cloud of excitement attributed to the incoming visit, which is a good thing.

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Here are 6 Random Facts Compilation About Coldplay and the Music of the Spheres World Tour.

Environmental Consciousness

One of the major things Coldplay and the Music of the Spheres World Tour will be remembered by is the reduced CO2 emissions in all activities concerning the Music of the Spheres World Tour.

Coldplay has proven that artists can travel around the world and entertain all their fans without damaging the earth through global warming, and this is a fact.

The sweetest thing about this fact is that they have outlined the steps anyone can follow to do the same thing they did amidst the Eras Tour if anyone wants on their Coldplay official website on Sustainability.

Coldplay went to the extent of being innovative with their travels, and spending extra when they had to just to set an example for the world.

The British band also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for each Eras Tour ticket sold. A perfect representation of True Environmentalists.

Global Reach

Speaking of the Music of the Spheres World Tour global reach, Coldplay has been able to take their 8th career tour to 5 continents which include; Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania.

In all these continents, Coldplay has managed to perform in different countries and cities as well, entertaining a total of 7.66 million fans so far.

The music of the Spheres World tour has generated more than $800 million since it started in 2022. With all indications, Coldplay will likely cross over to a billion dollars by the time they round up the tour in November this year.

Even with the fact that Coldplay has entertained close to 8 million fans worldwide, millions are still looking for tickets to be able to attend the British band’s remaining Music of the Spheres World Tour concerts. That is how much people love their craft.

Futuristic Stage designs

There have been varieties of stage designs from Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour concert venues. Some of the designs are futuristic designs, which are expected considering the name, and also the basis of the Tour.

Aside from the stage designs having spherical shapes, they also look galactic which also correlates them with the basis of the tour.

While giving an interview, Coldplay’s Chris Martin stated that the Music of the Spheres World Tour is like a journey into the unknown world (Galaxy), and then coming back home, having learned new things.

The galactic stage designs give everyone present at the concert an idea of how it feels to travel out of the earth and back again. Plus, the setlist contributes to this journey.

Take “A Sky Full Of Stars” for instance. Whenever Coldplay performs the song, the stadium lights up and stars appear in the stadium’s sky. Creating an idea of what it feels like to view stars while in the galaxy.

Fan Engagement

Another thing that Coldplay seems to know how to do better than other artists is relating with their fans. So far so good, the Music of the Spheres World Tour has been extremely entertaining for Coldplayers to the extent that they beg Coldplay to come back after visiting their location for the Music of the Spheres World Tour.

It makes one wonder what Coldplay does in their concert that other artists don’t. Well, if you are one of such wonders, guess what? We have an idea of what they do.

One of the ways Coldplay manages to win the hearts of their fans is by inviting them on stage during the concert. We’ve seen clips on social media where a lucky fan is invited on stage to perform alongside Coldplay. This creates a special bond between the British band and their fans.

Also, Coldplay often performs a random song requested or voted for by their fans. Creating a sense of value for them. This is also aside from the fact that Coldplay included their fans in the quest to reduce their CO2 emissions amidst the Music of the Spheres World Tour, by inserting kinetic floors where fans can dance on to help power the concert.

Fan Inspired Setlist

Not often do celebrities create a setlist based on what their fans desire. But, Coldplay seemed to have raised the standards high in the Music of the Spheres World Tour, as they built a setlist that is made up of all the favorite songs of their fans.

This is why fans enjoy Coldplay concerts and vibe to it on another level. To the extent of singing every song that is being performed by Coldplay, word for word without missing a beat.

Coldplay also found a way to entertain both old and new Coldplayers by including some of their old hit songs in the setlist as well.

Charitable Initiatives

Coldplay has long been recognized as a British group that loves to support other organizations, and they didn’t shy away from their self-acclaimed responsibilities even in the Music of the Spheres World Tour.

Like they’ve always done, this time amidst the Music of the Spheres World Tour, the group decided to give out 10% of everything they earn to charities which includes; One Tree Planted, The Ocean Cleanup, and also ClientEarth.

Generally, Coldplay donations will be shared between socially conscious projects and Environmental projects.


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