Advantages of Buying Fabric From an Online Supplier


When it comes to buying fabric online, opinions often vary. Many prefer to feel the textile before purchasing, while there are others who appreciate the convenience of ordering from an online shop. But despite these differences, it is undeniable that fabric buyers have in one way or another bought their supplies online.

Sewing enthusiasts, designers, interior decorators, craft hobbyists, and tailors need a wide range of textiles and related products which is why online fabric shops have become quite popular these days. Moreover, you can find rare and unique items online that are otherwise unavailable from a brick and mortar store.

The challenges of buying fabric online

Buying anything online requires experience. And when it comes to fabric, quality assurance is synonymous with being able to touch or see the product physically before purchasing. But there are a number of reasons why shopping online from a UK fabric shop has become the norm for sewing enthusiasts.

Advantages of shopping for fabric online

Here are the benefits of buying online vs going to a physical fabric store.

  • You get to choose from a range of speciality products manufactured by foreign suppliers. Some online fabric shops specialise in selling specific items such as quilting textiles and the like.
  • Online prices are typically lower because these shops have lower overhead costs. Some shops offer discounts to loyal customers, such as coupons and one-time offers.
  • If you love discovering different types of fabric, going online is the more convenient way to do it.
  • You can save time browsing through the inventory of local stores because online shops have efficient search features.
  • You can find unique items online which are often not sold in physical shops.
  • Buying in bulk gives you access to shipping and other discounts.
  • Online shops also publish articles, tutorials, and blog videos rich with information, tips, and ideas to help customers either in buying the right type of textile or figuring out the best use for the fabric bought.
  • You have the option to request fabric swatches and samples before purchasing larger quantities.
  • Lastly, most online shops don’t limit the quantity you buy. This means you can buy as little or as much as you need provided that you’re willing to pay the shipping cost.

Are there any cons to buying fabric online?

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits, let us look into possible concerns when buying fabric from an online shop. First, not having the opportunity to examine the product may deter some buyers. Also, problems with logistics may cause shipping delays which is inconvenient when you have a rushed project. Returns can also be tricky in case you end up with an item that does not meet your desired quality. 

In conclusion, the pros of online fabric shops outweigh the cons. It is apparent that you shouldn’t feel intimidated about looking through what online shops have to offer. You can start small and work your way up to buying larger quantities once you have become more comfortable about transacting online and have found trusted suppliers that provide the most reliable service.


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