4 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

4 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe main

Do you ever find yourself looking at what to wear on a night out or for work and realise that you don’t like any of your clothes? Maybe they’re too outdated, maybe they don’t fit anymore or maybe you bought a dress for a wedding and have never worn it again. If you’re finding that this applies to you, you may be in need of a wardrobe update – and here are four ways to do it.

Go Designer

One of the best ways to update your wardrobe is by taking a big leap and investing in some designer clothes and accessories. Don’t just settle for a cheap handbag from Target or Walmart. Invest in a beautiful and practical Fendi bag. If you’re worried about the expense, remember that you are paying for amazing quality. Try shopping for your brand new Fendi bag with Ssense. With so many different Fendi bags varying in size, style and colour to choose from, you can guarantee amazing quality for even better prices when you shop with them. You won’t even have to worry about anything, as their amazing customer service will ensure that you are 100% happy with your purchase from the first to last shopping step.

Make Sure Everything Fits

A good way to update your wardrobe is by trying everything on to make sure that it fits and sits exactly how you want it to. If an item of clothing doesn’t sit correctly, you’re never going to wear it so you may as well donate it to a good cause and free up some closet space. There are times where oversized sweaters can look incredibly stylish, but you need to make sure that you can recognise the difference between a cute oversized sweater and sweater that is so big that it makes you look childish.

4 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe clothes

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you find that you don’t like any of the clothes in your wardrobe, you may benefit from trying outfits completely out of your comfort zone. If you only wear dark colours and black, try wearing some bolder colours, but not so bold that you are completely uncomfortable with the attention. For example, try replacing some of your black t-shirts with earth tones like a burnt orange. This will add a new dimension to your style without causing much discomfort or unnecessary attention.

Look Up the Trends

Don’t just guess what is popular. Look online and find out what was trending last year in 2019, what is currently trending, and what may possibly trend in 2020. One of the best trends that is still widely popular is the 80s/90s revival, and more specifically the corduroy trend. This is a trend popular for all ages and can be found in overalls, pants, jackets, and even dresses. If you’re not confident that you could correctly style this trend, try pairing a tan corduroy skirt with a white, long-sleeved slim sweater for a cosy yet fashionable winter look.

An update is an inevitable part of everyone’s wardrobe, but you may be wondering how to do this. Make sure that you try these four ways to update your wardrobe and keep on top of your style.


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