5 Natural Beauty Remedies to Improve Skin

5 Natural Beauty Remedies to Improve Skin main

With the climate in crisis, large multinationals under the microscope and a growing scepticism around artificial additives, natural remedies are making a comeback. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to swap out your fluoride toothpaste for some baking soda and coconut oil. It seems with the push towards a fast-moving environment of commercialisation, there will always be an equal and opposite push-back for getting back to basics. This article will cover the ways in which you can use natural remedies and the earth’s resources to benefit your own skin.


Hemp oil is harvested by cold-pressing the hemp seeds – not to be confused with the psychoactive marijuana plant. It doesn’t contain THC (or a negligible amount) – not only is it predicted to help save the environment, but it has a variety of impressive health benefits. Firstly, it can help moderate oil production by balancing out oily skin (and rehydrate it!). Secondly, it soothes inflammation, gives a omega-6 boost and encourages cell regeneration. Thirdly, it has anti-ageing properties too, from linoleic and oleic acids. There are too many benefits to go into, and this isn’t covering that hemp and cannabinoids can be used for weight loss too.

Green tea extract

Drinking green tea is undoubtedly a great way to detox and to get zen, but it actually has a lot of skin benefits too. Studies suggest that applying 2% green tea extract as a lotion can reduce acne. Many also believe that it reduces puffiness under the eyes, and of course, the antioxidants when drinking green tea alone can protect against free radicals and skin acne. One more of the many reasons to have green tea in stock!

5 Natural Beauty Remedies to Improve Skin green tea


Raw honey on the skin can help reduce bacteria (one big cause of acne). It has been shown to speed up the healing process of skin cells, along with locking in skin moisture. The honey should contain healthy bacteria, and it can then act with antibacterial properties. Another great way to use honey is to actual mix it into other remedies, to ensure it creates a smooth experience if nothing else. There’s so many uses of honey, and it’s something that we all have in the cupboard.

Castor oil

Oil cleansing is where you take castor oil and usually mix it with olive oil, and this remedy can be used to clean bacteria from your face. This is because oil is very good at getting bacteria to stick to it, but it also can create a more oil-balanced skin environment by telling your skin to reduce its production (because it’s getting plenty of oil already!). This is a great alternative to face scrubs. It can also be used to fight hair loss!

Wet sand

Exfoliating is crucially important to your skin, and it’s perhaps the easiest of all processes in avoiding commercial products. Wet sand (as well as oats, coffee, salt) can be a great natural exfoliator that will remove the dead skin cells. It also has some great rejuvenating properties, but just be careful to keep this just to your body, as it may be a bit too harsh to use on the face. This is a great free way to rejuvenate and refresh your skin.


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