5 Reasons Your Dog Might Seem Low and Lethargic

5 Reasons Your Dog Might Seem Low and Lethargic walk

It’s a worrying time when your dog does not seem itself. It is not behaving in the jubilant and excitable way they usually do and you are not able to fully enjoy each other’s company and do all the great dog and human activities you usually do. So what’s wrong with them? Here are a few ideas to consider when trying to figure it out.

Incorrect Amount of Exercise

Is your dog being over-exercised, yes it’s a thing! Hard to believe but you can eventually tire them out, although it seems like your dog has endless energy, if everyone in the family takes them out for several walks every day it can be too much. Try cutting down their walks and see if it makes any difference. They could also be under-exercised, strangely but it can make a dog even more lethargic.


People get depressed we all know this, but it’s also true that our beloved pets can also suffer from depression. Unsurprisingly symptoms of this include, lethargy, loss of appetite so it’s definitely something that can be noticed, although these symptoms could also indicate a medical issue so be sure to rule this out by a visit to the vet. So what to do if this is the diagnosis, well usually medication is not required other than in a very extreme case, all that you usually need to do is give the dog a bit more love and attention. Learn more about how dogs can be depressed in this article from BetterHelp.

5 Reasons Your Dog Might Seem Low and Lethargic walk

Poor Quality Diet

If you don’t give your dog a good mix of nutritious food then it’s going to eventually show up in their behaviour. You should never feed your dog with table scraps, the old phrase, ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’ not really true! Invest in high-quality food such as Eukanuba dog food to be sure of a happy, healthy and active dog.

Illness or Disease

Your dog can be the recipient of any number of illnesses and diseases, and these can range from a simple virus to an infection, right up to something very serious, such as cancer. Some things are easy to sort out and common issues such as worms can be sorted out with a course of pills that can easily be bought over the counter with no need for a trip to the vets. But if a problem persists it’s important to have a vet look at it. You should always have good pet insurance in case any expensive treatment or operations are required, as otherwise, the bills can run into the thousands.


If you have a bitch then it’s always possible that she has become pregnant as low mood and lethargy are signs of dog pregnancy (well any pregnancy really). These include many other things such as a change in nipples and vaginal discharge, but if you have any of these symptoms at all get her seen by the vet and have it confirmed or otherwise. Then it’s down to looking after her, making sure her diet is appropriate and she is comfortable.


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