We’re All Gonna Die by Hannah Trigwell – Single Review

Hannah Trigwell We're All Gonna Die

We’re All Gonna Die by Hannah Trigwell

Single Review

by Steve Crabtree – @stevecrab

On 29th July 2019, we’re all going to get another two and a half minutes of Hannah Trigwell. A treat for the ears of anybody, and this time round the message is simple: “We’re All Gonna Die”

But stop. Wait a minute. You’d be forgiven if you’ve looked at that title and thought she’s gone all Manic Street Preachers/The Holy Bible on us. But sometimes the best songs twist their title right round. And when you give the new record a listen, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“It’s about getting through a really rough patch, coming out of the other side, and being really grateful to be alive” Hannah told us. “A lot of people close to me have struggled with their mental health and it’s amazing to see them thriving now. I wanted to talk about the feeling of being thankful that you didn’t throw it all away when times got hard.”

Hannah Trigwell We're All Gonna Die

“Hooked on this tune”

We played the new record at On: Yorkshire HQ and it’s full of the usual Hannah Trigwell stuff. That stunning range. Those unique harmonies. That dramatic halt to a vocal that immerses you in mystery…where does the song go now? And the vocal, in parts, is reminicent of ‘Everything Will Be OK’ from her 2018 album Red. But it’s brighter and more poppy. A sequel almost? She might not thank me for saying that but I connected bits of the two songs together right from my first listen.

Musically though, and this is where you get hooked on this tune, she takes us down a road I’ve never heard her go down before. And how she does that with ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ just adds another string to this girls’ already very thick bow. Vulnerably upbeat, she presents these careful words encased in a delicate toy-shop kind of feel. And you’ll not understand what I mean until you listen to the song. But when you do, you’ll get it. You’ll hear this unique pop sound. A nursery rhyme piano is how she explains it, with a hip-hop drum sample and electro-synths. There’s no fusing together of the musical elements – everything is clearly very seperate. And this makes it an intriguing and enjoyable listen, you’ll probably hit repeat a number of times.

“Strong, emotive output”

It’s a great listen, and slots straight in to Hannah Trigwell’s ever growing and ever strengthening back catalogue. One thing you’re guaranteed with a Trigwell track is a strong, emotive output and “We’re All Gonna Die” gives you that. And she gives you sounds, lyrics and vocals that you just don’t get with your run-of-the-mill artists. “The song points to how hard it is to be optimistic when you are experiencing a really low moment. But what a shame it would be if you missed out on future good times” Hannah said.

And that comes across clearly, in this new release.  Once again, it’s another top tune from the singer-songwriter from Leeds. And although there’s no signs of another tour coming yet, ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ and previous single ‘Attention‘ are sure to get fans thirsty, and piling on the pressure for her to get out there and let them hear her give them the new stuff!

‘We’re All Gonna Die’ by Hannah Trigwell is out on 29th July. You can pre-save the record on Spotify by clicking here.




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