Sunset In The Dark by Leon Banks – Single Review

Leon Banks Medicine We Share Single Sunset In The Dark

By @Steve Crabtree

Leon Banks has been cranking out some fantastic music over the last few months, and his February release ‘Sunset In The Dark’ is perhaps his most raucous tune yet.

‘Sunset In The Dark’ brings a contrast to the rock table when you put it side-by-side with his last tune ‘Medicine We Share’. This one is high-energy all over the place – from guitar, to drum, to its vocal. And it’s a song that I liked from my first listen.

Sunset In The Dark Leon Banks

“Crunching guitars”

One thing I find with a Leon Banks song is that he delivers a chorus that pops out of the song and stays in your head. This one continues that form, after laying down verses awash with stunningly crunching guitars, and a pondering tone of lyric.

The video is a fast-moving thing. Bat-sh*t crazy, and all about America; with short pop-art stitches that move as quickly as the song does. It’s worth a few watches as well – not only for a fantastic tune to rock out to, but also for a bit of ‘stuff-spotting’. If you’re like me, that is.

Banks is from York, and if you’re eagle-eyed you’ll see a quick reference to his home city in the video.

“Chaotic Outro”

Yet again, as we see some sort of light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, Banks has pulled out a song that you’ll want to stick on your playlist. If you’re into genuine rock music, you’ll enjoy this one.

Shiny solos come in a few times in the three-and-a-half-minute-long tune, but get your ears ready for the chaotic outro. If live gigs are back soon (they are) then ‘Sunset In The Dark’ will be the perfect way for Leon Banks to say good night to the crowd.

Sunset In The Dark’ is available to download now on Spotify, and all other leading streaming services


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