Medicine We Share by Leon Banks – Single Review

Leon Banks Medicine We Share Single Sunset In The Dark

By @Steve Crabtree

Leon Banks has thrown himself back into songwriting in 2020, and Boxing Day saw him release his new single ‘Medicine We Share’.

It’s a follow up to his upbeat ‘Channel Of Love’ released in October, and the York rocker takes us on a more yearning kind of ride this time around, with a single you’ll like from the first listen.

Leon Banks Medicine We Share Single

“Catchy rock track”

This end of year release kicks off with a nice electro-drum that sucks you in. And add to that a grinding guitar making its way over the top, and you’re listening to a catchy rock track. It’s a solid start to a song that gets stronger. 

The lyric and vocal style Banks gives this one slowly pulls some emotion out. Almost neutralising said catchiness, but it’s a nice contrast. And with him being a bit of a master of the six strings, Banks gets the guitar working hard on ‘Medicine We Share’.  There’s a clean, imposing bridge (which reminds me of a mid-90s Dave Stewart solo, even if I’m not sure Leon will thank me for that!) which stamps the song on to your mind. All the elements of this one makes it stand up, alongside a fantastic ‘Perfume World’ that came out in August.

Banks’ led his former band Syncrownize into regular sell-out gigs on the Yorkshire gigging scene during the 90s and 2000s. He’s a familiar face to some on the circuit too; as a performer, writer, guitarist, producer, and technician. He’s been involved in music for nearly 30 years, and Leon’s toured the world with numerous bands. His big hitters include the likes of Rolling Stones, Manic Street Preachers and Stereophonics. His 2020 stuff is well worth putting into your ears if you haven’t done so already. It’s a welcome return to songwriting from the Yorkshireman, with a few decent videos thrown in for good measure.

The release of ‘Medicine We Share’ is a good end to 2020 for Banks. A quality rock track from a talented musician. And I’ll be looking forward to hearing more from him in 2021.

‘Medicine We Share’ by Leon Banks is available on all leading streaming services.



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