The 5 EPs by Disco Inferno – Album Review

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by Matt Callard

Please indulge me.

There are some excellent bands that live the dream. Who receive the plaudits and accolades and cheques and live a fulfilled existence, thoroughly sated by their own creative brilliance – and only a six-iron from the links, too.

the 5 eps disco inferno cover reviewThere are others who slow burn, who are quietly respected and who build up a devoted fan base and live a long, fulfilling existence inside their own self-created world. And then there’s Disco Inferno.

“A treasure trove of sonic beauty”

Barely remembered, cruelly neglected. Who, in the late 80s/early 90s, radically rewired what a guitar band could and should do. By ’92, they were so far ahead of their time, yet so totally out of time with the burgeoning Britpop fandango that it’s taken 20 years for the industry to catch up and finally compile this; their later, revolutionary, out-of-print EPs.

Oh, it takes a bit of work pop pickers, but inside Disco Inferno’s multi-layered, sample-heavy, art rock universe there’s a treasure trove of sonic beauty, invention and joy. Immense.



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