Blood Creek (2009) – Film Review

blood creek film review

Director: Joel Schumacher
Cast: Dominic Purcell, Michael Fassbender, Emma Booth
Certificate: 18

by Dan Berlinka

Black magic Nazi nonsense that seems to be responding to a constant internal challenge to make each new plot development more ludicrous and arbitrary than the last.

Given his recent quality work, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Michael Fassbender wouldn’t make a film that was all bad… but you’d be wrong. According to imdb Joel Schumacher fell out with writer David Kajganich over the director’s script changes and rewrites – which allows for the intriguing possibility that the original script was either much better or much worse.

blood creek film review horror

“Not entirely unwatchable”

The production values of Blood Creek are actually quite good. In fact, there is something grimly fascinating about seeing such a poor film (relatively) well made. And despite its almost complete lack of merit, it’s not entirely unwatchable, so long as you are able to achieve a Zen-like state of detachment while doing so.


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