Grill My Cheese by Nisha Patel & Nishma Chauhan – Review

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By @Steve Crabtree

The authors of Grill My Cheese are two friends who started a street food company four years ago.  They teamed up selling grilled cheese sandwiches in London, to great success.

And throughout the 144 lively and exciting pages of their book, Nisha Patel and Nishma Chauhan make a modern and quirky art of what you and I might essentially refer to as “the cheese toastie”.

It’s all about taking that basic snack we loved as kids. But adds fun and funk to them, which turns them in to the latest, messy gourmet food option.

In the section ‘Ten Commandments of Grilled Cheese’ they give their rules on how to prepare cheese in the best way for melting; and provide you with the essential tips on the sort of bread that they like to use.

Grill My Cheese Nishma Nisha book review

The whole book is a mixture of entertaining advice and recipes. That makes it a bit more than just a book to plonk on your kitchen shelf. Patel and Chauhan use a flat-top grill and a meat press to make their sandwiches, but tell you how to cook their specialities using your own general kitchenware. Pans, weights, panini press… I don’t think that any recipe is out of anyone’s practical depth.

“Delectable on the tastebuds”

Some of the sandwiches in Grill My Cheese make you chuckle too.  With names like ‘Every Day I’m Trufflin” (a melt with butternut squash, sage, ricotta and other cheeses, with added truffle oil; and ‘Baby Got Mac’ – a pulled pork, mac ‘n’ cheese option with a lashing of barbecue sauce between two pieces of sourdough bread.

And how could I not mention ‘Jay Cheese and Bean-Once’? Could that be a wrap…? Could you fall crazy in love with it?  You’ll need to buy the book and check that one out though.

Nisha and Nishma also offer ideas for dessert too! The decadent ‘Grilled Cheese Doughnut’ could be a winner with adults and kids alike; and the one that intrigues me the most (and I can’t wait to make) is the ‘Milky Way Melt’. It doesn’t sound right in my head, but I’m sure will be delectable on the tastebuds!

It’s a fantastic book. And if you’re a cheese fan, a snack fan, and a fan of trying something a little wacky in the kitchen, then Grill My Cheese is the book for you. If you’re not, your cheese loving friend will be, so buy it them for Christmas (we’ve all got a cheese lover close to us!).

‘Grill My Cheese’ by Nisha Patel and Nishma Chauhan is published by Quadrille, £12.99 hardback


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