Top Girls Holiday Destinations for 2020

Top Girls Holiday Destinations for 2020 main

Going away with a group of female friends is always a great way to unwind and reinforce those all-important bonds, but choosing the right destination is key. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or a combination of the two, these places will cater to your needs in 2020.

1. Croatia

Unlike many European beach-holiday destinations, Croatia holidays offer a bit of everything you and your girlfriends might enjoy, whether that is culture, food, adventure or pure relaxation.

A perfect hybrid of party and chill potential, Croatia offers you the choice of waterside entertainment and bustling beaches or secluded sandy shores on surrounding islands, and with bodily relaxation taken care of, you can enjoy some cerebral attractions, too. The entire country is a fascinating slice of history, so take some time to appreciate the architecture and history.

2. Bali

If you’ve read or watched Eat, Pray, Love and have been dreaming of visiting one of the destinations in real life, grab your closest girlfriends and head to Bali. A paradise island that is more than just a location, you can tap into a Zen mindset you didn’t know you had and just let everything go for a couple of weeks.

Offering plenty of luxury spas, beautiful beaches and ornate temples to explore, you’ll never feel bored in Bali, nor overexerted. It’s the perfect destination for some uninterrupted calm and recuperation, making it ideal for a girls holiday ahead of a big event, such as a wedding.

Top Girls Holiday Destinations for 2020 female

3. Malta

For an unapologetically nightlife-centred holiday with the girls, Malta is a surprise contender. More commonly known for the great seafood, amazing beaches and excellent weather, Malta comes alive at night with plenty of clubs and bars to explore.

The lion share of upmarket wine bars and pubs can be found in the capital, Valletta, with a host of traditional restaurants to enjoy as well, but for all-out party fever, you need to set your sights on St Julian’s. Found on the north coast, the village has plenty of entertainment options that stay open into the early hours, with plenty of youthful energy to be enjoyed.

4. New York

Are you a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or a Samantha? Head to New York with your girlfriends and find out. The ultimate destination for a long weekend of shopping, sipping cocktails and leaving reality behind for a few days, New York is a Mecca for groups of female friends.

If you stray no further than one borough in New York, make it Manhattan. Home to Fifth Avenue and the most spectacular array of designer shops, celebrity hang-out restaurants and cool cocktail bars. Just remember to wrap up warm if you go during the cooler months, as temperatures can drop low.

5. Denmark

Potentially another surprise suggestion, but Denmark is a beautiful country that won’t see you stuck on a plane for endless hours and is heaven for anybody who wants to explore a different culture. With regular markets, festivals and events throughout the year, there’s never a dull moment in Denmark, particularly the capital, Copenhagen.

Bikes are very popular here and cheap to rent, so seeing the city on two wheels will let you take in more of the numerous art galleries, outdoor bathing opportunities and must-visit restaurants during your stay. There is also a lively nightlife scene to spice up your cultural break.

Remember, you can go anywhere and have a great time, as long as you have your girlfriends with you, but choosing an amazing destination will turn a good holiday into an unforgettable one. Take a look at our choice and start planning now!


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