Tips for a Romantic Thanksgiving Vacation

Tips for a Romantic Thanksgiving Vacation

You might be having a special someone over for Thanksgiving, and you might be cooking up that turkey already (or planning to). You may be contemplating candles and roses, even a proposal! So why not have a romantic thanksgiving vacation that you will never forget?

Here are a few tips that you might want to follow as you go and celebrate your love this Thanksgiving.

Having a Romantic Thanksgiving Vacation – Things to Know

It Mustn’t Be at Home

First, not all Thanksgivings have to be at home. Because Thanksgiving may well be one of the coldest holidays of the year, you might want to spend it in a warm location, such as the beach, or even in a really cold one during the winter at the ski slopes.

In any case, you can use to pick a place where you can do something together instead of just engorging on food. In fact, pick a place where you and your significant other can talk to each other and be intimate. The key to this vacation is not to be conventional but to be close to another person and show how much you care.

Home Thanksgiving is Cool Too

Second, there isn’t anything wrong with Thanksgiving at home either. You can still have a great celebration by inviting your significant other over. If you already live together or are married to each other, you can schedule some together time to relax and just have fun.

This Thanksgiving, why not celebrate by working together? Assign each other tasks, such as marinating the turkey and watching while it bakes, cooking the mashed potatoes, slicing the vegetables, or ensuring that the corn muffins don’t go up in flames. Do something together so that your Thanksgiving meal will be more fulfilling to eat.

Tips for a Romantic Thanksgiving Vacation tv

Not Always Food

Third, have more than food on your mind. You might want to schedule something to do together after you eat, such as watching a romantic movie on the couch together or simply drinking some wine together and enjoying each other’s company.

The key is to plan it out so that you don’t look at each other at the end of the meal and look for answers or ideas. Other good plans that you might like could include watching old movies together, playing a game of Scrabble or chess, drinking some wine out on the porch, or simply having a hot shower or soaking in the bath together. Now isn’t that just romantic?

Spice Up Your Vacation Home

Fourth, deck the house out in something romantic, too. You may want to light some candles, have some flowers on your table, lower the blinds, and lock the doors. If you want to add a touch of romance, you might want the conventional red rose petals strewn all over the floor.

It’s your call: you know your significant other better, so you don’t have to try to be romantic, but do something that your significant other will like.

Clean Up

Fifth, and last, don’t forget to clean up but do it together. Thanksgiving is not just about pigging out – and it’s going to be about cleaning up the mess. If you do end up with a mess, assign jobs on who has to wash the dishes, who has to take out the trash, and who has to mop the floor.

This way, you can still do things together and get household jobs done – and you can end up having a lot of fun together with a memorable Thanksgiving!


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