How to Experience Spain on a Budget

How to Experience Spain on a Budget (2)

Are you hoping to head to Spain this year but concerned about costs? As we navigate the cost of living crisis that’s placing a strain on our non-essential spending, many of us are tentative about going abroad. However, with careful planning and a creative itinerary, it’s possible to experience Spain on a budget. Discover five top tips for exploring this characterful country cheaply.

Affordable accommodation

The secret to cheap holidays that don’t compromise quality is affordable accommodation where the basics are done well. All you need for a good experience is a clean and comfortable room, helpful service and decent facilities and food. Saving on the ‘fluff’ such as amenities you don’t need means more money for in-country activities.

Remember to consider the location when you’re choosing where to stay. Central properties are often more expensive, but you benefit from having everything on your doorstep. Try to strike the right balance between convenience and cost.

Public transport

All cities in Spain have an efficient public transport system which is a much more cost-effective way to get around than hiring a car. You’ll also be in the action at all times, letting you live like a local for an immersive experience of your destination. Choose between buses, trams and trains.

For shorter journeys, set out on foot to travel completely free! You can also look into bike hire, available in cities, countryside and coastal hotspots, but be sure to rent safety equipment too.

How to Experience Spain on a Budget (1)

Free museums

As with many European countries, you’ll find a wealth of free museums in major Spanish cities. You can gain a fascinating insight into local culture across a range of subjects from history and art to modern technology.

The exceptional art galleries in Barcelona are always free admission, the perfect compliment to Antoni Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces which are dotted throughout the streets. In Madrid, all state-owned museums are free to explore on various weekdays and weekends. Elaborately decorated palaces await in Seville, set in picturesque plazas where flamenco is sometimes performed.

Great outdoors

Another way to fill your days without spending a penny is to embrace the great outdoors. Spain is bursting with breathtaking natural landscapes, from the sweeping peaks of the Pyrenees to miles of golden coastline, which can be explored via activities to suit all abilities.

Go trekking through the mountains on trails ranging from easy to challenging, pausing as often as you like to take in your glorious surroundings. There are also mountain biking paths if you prefer navigating the countryside on two wheels.

On the beach, you can relax on the sand and swim in the sea, simply enjoying soaking up some vitamin D. The beautiful Mediterranean coastline will never become boring. If you fancy a splurge, water sports for all ages are widely available including kayaking, sailing, jet-skiing and snorkelling.


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